Help our little girl Izzy fight an aggressive rare form of cancer

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Izzy was given less than 20% 5yr survival rate 💔


Our beautiful 10 year old has been battling an aggressive rare form of soft tissue cancer called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma it affects roughly 4 kids a year in New Zealand.

Izzy’s cancer is metastatic which means it’s travelled throughout her body and is being treated aggressively. This stage 4 diagnosis has given Izzy a less than 20% chance of surviving 5 years ♥️. Hearing that news broke our hearts, we couldn’t imagine life without our beautiful girl.

In the last 2 months Izzy has already had multiple hospital admissions, procedures and surgeries including countless rounds of chemo, MRI, PET-CT, ultrasounds, Chemo Port placement, blood transfusions, ovarian egg retrieval, multiple NG tubes inserted, X-rays and endless amounts of Iv lines.

This is our chance to help izzy dream big and achieve all things big and small, while she is still well enough ♥️

Despite her low prognosis Izzy is still a ray of light, she never fails to smile and put others first. She has such a big heart and we are so proud of her 💛

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Use of funds

Funds will be helping Izzy with her quality of life. Giving family quality time with Izzy at home and during hospital admissions, without having to worry about financial stresses such as living expenses and day to day costs

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MRI results   18 April 2024

Izzy’s just returned home from hospital after another round of chemo and although she is struggling, she’s been given amazing news 🥰 the tumours in her lymph nodes, buttocks and breast are all gone and she’s left with the one in her thigh. The plan at the moment is 3 more cycles of chemo and then we will discuss where we go from here, weather that may be radiation or surgery. The oncologist said we want to do our best to eliminate it first time round but radiation is still a possibility if and when the cancer comes back ♥️. I couldn’t imagine what this journey would look like without the love and support of everyone around us 😊 even the smallest of gestures have meant the most. We still have a long journey ahead but Izzy is so strong and we’re so proud of her ☀️♥️

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Brian Juretich
Brian Juretich 4 days ago
We hope each day brings a little more strength, determination, and healing your way from Brian and Katy Juretich
Robert Mccarthy

Thank you so much Brian ♥️

Robert Mccarthy
Guest Donor
Guest Donor 5 days ago
Robert Mccarthy


Robert Mccarthy
Tina 6 days ago
Sending you all our love. Stay strong..
Robert Mccarthy

Thank you 🥰🫶

Robert Mccarthy
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 13 Apr 2024
Robert Mccarthy


Robert Mccarthy
Benjamin on 13 Apr 2024
Salam alaykum peace be upon you and gods mercy
Robert Mccarthy


Robert Mccarthy

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