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Madagascar Hospital Solar Project!

  • Charles and Andrew are heading back in November     4 September 2019
    Posted by: Friends of Madagascar Trust New Zealand
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    Andrew, Samuel and Dan had a successful trip earlier this year and returned home safe and sound. Unfortunately during the commissioning of the solar system, one of the SMA Sunny Island off-grid inverters failed. Team Leader Charles and Andrew will be heading back in November 2019 to replace this inverter and get some other jobs done for HVM.

    - Replace the existing solar running gear at HVM School with SMA gear.

    - Replace the transmitter and aerial for the HVM Radio station.

    - Installation of LED tubes to replace the existing fluorescent tubes at HVM Hospital.

    - Installation of a gas califont to lessen power demand from heating water.

    Charles and Andrew will be kindly donating their time to head over to Mandritsara and complete these jobs however there is a certain amount of costs involved with flights, accommodation and more. Any money we can raise will go towards making sure these two lads are not up for all those costs alone.

    Thank you for your time reading this and wish us luck.

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