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Make It Legal New Zealand 2020

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#makeitlegal : For a strong YES vote in the 2020 Cannabis Referendum.

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#Makeitlegal is the campaign to get a strong YES vote in the upcoming New Zealand Cannabis Referendum - set to be held at the 2020 general elections. This referendum will be binding - meaning if we get more than 50% of voters voting yes, cannabis law reform will happen.

We need to get out to people all through NZ to have conversations about cannabis law reform and what the government is proposing with the referendum. We will need billboards, social media and information to hand out. This Givealittle page will help us raise the funds we need to do that.

New Zealand is well overdue for a change to our drug laws and the time is now.

All over the world, countries are moving to change their drug laws so that cannabis is dealt with as a health issue, not a crime. Portugal, Canada, Colorado, and California are leading examples of why change is a good thing, with law reform leading to reduced drug use and drug related crime, better healthcare available to people who need it, and fewer people in prison for harmless drug incidents.

But it is expensive to run a referendum campaign, and we are not part of any political party or organisation i.e. we are not funded. And as referendum campaigners will need to follow all the same rules as a political campaign - including financial reporting and limits on what we can do.

So please donate - even $5 can go along way!

What happens to your donation?

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Make It Legal NZ Trust (an Incorporated Society).

Campaign funds will be used for activities to promote the upcoming cannabis referendum and the #makeitlegal campaign e.g. publicity, campaigning, marketing, research and polling. If we raise sufficient funds we will be able to employ a campaign manager and other key people. Having dedicated, skilled campaigners will increase our chances of achieving law reform.

If you want to become a #makeitlegal supporter please contact

"I believe that drug policy needs to evolve from a substance-based to a people-centred approach. Harm reduction, prevention, and evidence-based treatment have shown their effectiveness around the world. I have witnessed this from New Zealand to Belarus. Now is the time to address the policy barriers to better outcomes."

Helen Clark - a member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy

Use of funds

Campaign funds will be used to campaign during the upcoming Cannabis Referendum.

Campaign funds will be managed by us to ensure sound financial oversight; and transparently tracked via an open working budget using Google Sheets.

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Hell, who wanted an easy campaign anyway!  5 April 2020

Posted by: Make It Legal Aotearoa New Zealand

Here at Make It Legal we are totally up for a challenge.

David and Goliath battle against well funded opposition? - hell yeah!

A government that's luke-warm about even having a referendum and doesn't put out any information? - bring it on!

Bugger all funding? - we have people power!

Global Pandemic causing a nationwide lock-down and no events to campaign at, as well as stopping couriering anything around the country? ah, yeah.... um... [deep breath] We can DO this!

Look lets be honest. We have had to completely change the way we are campaigning, and we have an uncertain deadline (the election may be postponed).

We have to do a massive U Turn and go fully online. This means different skills and we now NEED to be able to pay for social media advertising or there is no way we can get to our target audience.

Facebook ads cost $1.67 per day.

Can you fund a days adverts?

How about a week?

What about helping us get some professional help for social media content (as we are all newbies at this shit).

More than ever, we need your help to win this referendum. And we are soooo close. Polls are running at 54% That's not enough to guarantee a win. But it's bloody close to it!

Let's Make It Legal. Together. Against The Odds!

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$5,044 donated

Given by 89 generous donors in over a year

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