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Make It Legal : For a strong YES vote in the 2020 Cannabis Referendum.


Make It legal is the campaign to get a strong YES vote in the New Zealand Cannabis Referendum - set to be held on the 17th October 2020, at the same time as the General Election.

[Note: the election was moved from 19th September to 17th October due to Covid-19]

When we get more than 50% of voters voting yes, the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill will be sent through the parliamentary process, including Select Committee and public consultation and will legalise cannabis.

We need people all through NZ to have conversations about cannabis law reform and what the government is proposing with the referendum. We will need billboards, social media and information. This Givealittle page will help us raise the funds we need to do that.

New Zealand is well overdue for a change to our drug laws and the time is now.

All over the world, countries are moving to change their drug laws so that cannabis is dealt with as a health issue, not a crime. Portugal, Canada, Colorado, and California are leading examples of why change is a good thing, with law reform leading to reduced drug use and drug related crime, better healthcare available to people who need it, and fewer people in prison for harmless drug incidents.

But it is expensive to run a referendum campaign, and we are not part of any political party or organisation i.e. we are not funded.

So please donate - even $4.20 can go along way!

What happens to your donation?

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Make It Legal NZ Trust (an Incorporated Society).

Campaign funds will be used for activities to promote the upcoming cannabis referendum and the Make It Legal campaign e.g. publicity, campaigning, marketing, research and polling.

If you want to become a Make It Legal volunteer please contact

Use of funds

Campaign funds will be used to campaign during the upcoming Cannabis Referendum.

Campaign funds will be managed by us to ensure sound financial oversight; and transparently tracked via an open working budget using Google Sheets.

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This is it - Vote Yes!  16 October 2020

The last day to vote in the cannabis referendum is tomorrow (Saturday).

Its a really close run thing and we will need every single vote to get over the winners line.

We need your vote.

And we need the votes of your friends and family.

We could win or lose this by just a handful of votes.

Never before have you been able to make as much of a difference as you will this election.

Please - if you haven't voted yet - get to the booth:

And if you have voted - check in with your friends and family to see if they need help getting to a booth, or making their mind up.

Thank you all hugely for your support through this campaign.

Your support has meant we were able to run a much bigger campaign than we ever thought we could run. We reach around 2 million people a week and engage with 3,000 comments each day!

Thank you.

We will Make It Legal!

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Latest donations

Jamnes on 16 Oct 2020
Prohibition is the problem not the solution! Vote YES!
Vo on 15 Oct 2020
Rose on 13 Oct 2020
For the final stretch! Wish I could donate more. GO HARD 💚
Hemi on 12 Oct 2020
help with drugs and information should be available without fear , predjudice and discrimination .
TakaRat on 12 Oct 2020

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