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#makeitlegal New Zealand 2020 - Updates - Givealittle

  • We are all grown up!     16 July 2019

    The Make It legal Aotearoa Trust is finally all set up and we have our own bank accounts. Woo hoo!

    We wish to give a huge thank you to NORML NZ who have been 'babysitting' us while we set everything up - letting us use one of their bank accounts and helping us with financial processes to keep money safe.

    But... now we have our own bank accounts and all donations will go into that account. We will still have the same financial oversight (through our Trustees), and accounting practices to make sure every cent is spent bringing in legal regulation for cannabis.

    Also, because its a referendum, we will be keeping detailed accounts as we my have to report all income and expenditure to the Electoral Commission after the referendum.

    Thanks for supporting #makeitlegal, and helping us campaign for cannabis law reform. Your donations are vital to making it happen.


    The #makeitlegal Team

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  • Cannabis Referendum Conference     28 October 2018
    Main image

    Cannabis Referendum Conference 2018

    Friday November 9, Wellington

    James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor

    Featuring MPs Chlöe Swarbrick, Greg O'Connor and Ginny Anderson; Rebecca Reider, Dr Eric Crampton, Manu Caddie, Dr Fiona Hutton, Nandor Tanczos and the Cannabis Coalition team with more speakers to be announced.

    Registration fee includes lunch & tea/coffee breaks. Registrations here:

    Presented by the Cannabis Referendum Coalition with support from NORML NZ, The Hemp Foundation, Socialist Aotearoa, People Against Prisons, Auckland Patients Group.

    The Cannabis Referendum Coalition invites serious advocates and campaigners to join us in Wellington for our inaugural conference - to learn and plan with common purpose so we can win the upcoming referendum on legalising cannabis.

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