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    Gill asks

    Hi there

    I'm from Seven Sharp and we're doing a piece exploring the various ways Givealittle is used. How would you feel about doing a little bit of filming/IV with us based on your experience last year? Please contact me on Many thanks, Gill

    on 9 Jun 2016

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    Jeff asks

    Emma, I'm a producer for Sunrise, Channel 7's top rating breakfast show in Australia.

    I'm wondering if you would be able to come on our show to chat about your campaign?

    Can you email me at


    on 8 Oct 2015

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    Darren asks

    Hi Emma,

    My wife and I are in the process of establishing a structure to help home occupants into home ownership. I have been involved in Habitat for Humanity here in Palmerston North and have been blessed to be able to assist my brother into his own house following a family breakdown.

    We are socially oriented and believe a win-win situation can be created between "caring investors" and "home occupants".

    If you would like to look at our model further and discuss options that may be available to you within it please contact me, Darren - 0276549808 or bridgesbybirch(at)

    on 7 Oct 2015

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    Chi Hou asks

    hey Emma we would love to have a check with ya on The Edge radio station would you be keen?

    Please email your contact details to

    on 5 Oct 2015

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