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$548 of $1,000,000 goal

Given by 234 generous donors in 5 months

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  • hello again     12 March 2016

    Well with a little over 2 weeks to go i thought I would pop in and say hello and thank you. Thank you to those who have supported me in my cause and even though I am a little short of my overly ambitious (if not slightly ridiculous) goal as at today I am $548 closer than not to my goal of being a home owner. I have appreciated the support and donations from people that saw my page for what it is . . . An idea. For my own personal reasons after a few interviews and media interactions i did step away from the hype that my page originally caused and maybe that was to my detriment but netherless I have no regrets except to say once again that if I did cause offense or upset to anyone with my cause I am sorry. My journey with this has ticked along in the background while I continue on my path to home ownership which one day I hope to turn the dream into a reality for myself and my family. So once again thank you so much and good luck with your own dreams xo

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  • 10 Days in :)     11 October 2015

    Well it has now been 10 days since I started this page and what a ride so far.

    I have been met with so many differing opinions to my page which is fine, everyone has a right to feel how they want about it and I have always acknowledged that the idea and/or the approach is not going to be for everyone.

    On the other hand I have been blown away by the support I have had from family, friends and complete strangers from all over NZ and the world :)

    I would truly like to thank those who have supported me with not only their contribution and incredibly kind words but have seen this page for what it is -

    a crazy little idea. :)

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  • The journey has begun      05 October 2015

    Thank you so much to all those who are supporting me on this journey not only for your contributions but the many kind messages that I have received. It has been overwhelming and I am so grateful for the interest. I would also like to take the opportunity to reiterate that I am in no way comparing my page with others of genuine need and I consider this to be a social experiment rather than a 'cause' and people are of course more than welcome to their opinion and to choose to not be involved and I am genuinely sorry if I have upset or angered anyone with this idea or the use of GAL but I am not a bad lazy person and I have tried to be as upfront and transparent as I possibly can.

    If I got anywhere near the million (highly unlikely I know) I wouldn't buy myself a million dollar house I would definitely help others into homes of their own too. I am not a greedy person and really the idea is quite ridiculous so why not pick a ridiculous amount?

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$548 of $1,000,000 goal

Given by 234 generous donors in 5 months


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