Mammas Laef Washable Sanitary Pads for girls in education, Vanuatu

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UPDATE - FEBRUARY 2019 - Can you please pop over to Mamma's Laef Charitable Trust page for more information. Tank yu tumas.

Nelson / Tasman

UPDATE - FEBRUARY 2019 - as we progressed to become Mamma's Laef Charitable Trust, this page is now in hibernation. Can you please pop over to Mamma's Laef Charitable Trust page for more information. Tank yu tumas. The new Givealittle page is here-

Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women. Your $25 donation to provide a washable sanitary pad kit for a girl will allow her to remain in education every day of the month. Consisting of 2 shields which sit inside underwear and 8 removable liners., each kit lasts about 3 years (that's a cost of $0.70 per month – compared to at least $3/month for one-use-only pads).

Mamma's Laef Washable Sanitary Pad project was established in Pango Village, Vanuatu; by Belinda Roselli from Lav Kokonas (NZ) in October 2015 - Washable Sanitary Pad kits are sewn by ni Vanuatu women for ni Vanuatu women; of all ages. With a focus on micro-enterprise to give a hand-up as opposed to a hand-out; Mammas Laef provides an income stream for the group but also provides a solution for cost-effective, convenient, comfortable and eco-friendly menstrual hygiene management.

Belinda Roselli's involvement (page creator)

Based in Nelson, New Zealand with 6 years of supporting rural communities across some of the 83 islands of Vanuatu (via my small business, Lav Kokonas); I am the founder of Mamma's Laef, Vanuatu - the volunteer in this group.

I have provided the concept, raw materials, contacts, networks and education to commence this group.

Mammas Laef is another of my micro enterprises, giving this group of women a hand-up to not only provide an income; but to answer the need of many rural living women of all ages to their monthly menstrual hygiene requirements.

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Latest update

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We're moving ... but just to a new Give A Little page  25 February 2019

During the past 12 months we have been working towards setting up the Mammas Laef Charitable Trust. That means, it's time to move the Give A Little page across to a formal charity page - which will be activated in the next week or so (beginning of March 2019).

There are a couple of changes for our wonderful supporters.

Firstly, those making donations of $5 or more will receive a receipt which can be used to claim a rebate from Inland Revenue - up to any limits which might apply.

Secondly, we are changing the focus of who receives the packs of reusable sanitary pads.

Sometimes the focus will be on an entire community and sometimes on one particular school, depending on which area of Vanuatu we are working in.

The accumulated funds from the new Give A Little page, will be used at various times to will provide packs of reusable pads for girls in school, or out of school and for women within a community.

Over the past 3 1/2 years, we've found the best approach in gifting packs, is to provide them to all women within the community. There are several benefits in doing so:

For girls in school - having your own pads, means one less barrier to accessing education.

For girls not in school - those girls may want to be in school, but for one reason or another they aren't (often there are not funds within the family for the school fees). Those girls will receive packs.

For mammas in the community - their menstrual needs may be unmet too. Having access to pads allows those mammas to fully participate in daily activities, as they wish. This also opens up the pathway for discussion about sik mun.

Through our various fundraising efforts and sales, we have so far supported 3,500 women in Vanuatu with Vanuatu-made, environmentally friendly menstrual pads.

Thanks for the financial support so far and the words of encouragement.

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Latest donations

Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 30 Jan 2019
Thank you for your important work.
Belinda Roselli

We appreciate your thinking of Mamma's Laef, so far away from where you are ... together we can make a difference. Your donation will provide a pack of pads for 5 girls - we anticipate this to happen in around April 2019. Many thanks. Mi lukim yu. Belinda

Belinda Roselli
Avalon W16 Soccer 2018
Avalon W16 Soccer 2018 on 28 Nov 2018
The Avalon Women 16 soccer team visited vanuatu in July. They raised a lot of money to help the girls and children of Vanuatu. They would like to give part of their fundraising to Mummas Laef to support the wonderful job they are doing of educating and supplying reusable sanitary pads to girls in vanuatu.
Belinda Roselli

Oh my goodness, you guys ROCK. You have made our day. Thanks for your very generous support which will enable Mamma's Laef Vanuatu to provide 92 packs of Washable Sanitary Pads to girls in school. These packs are all MADE IN VANUATU and we will be able to provide menstrual health awareness to those girls. We'll get onto this in 2019, as the schools have all now closed for the year. We appreciate you sharing your massive fundraising efforts with us. Women helping women across the Pacific. Hapi mo tank yu tumas :)

Belinda Roselli
Alex S
Alex S on 02 Nov 2018
Belinda Roselli

Thank you for your donation, we will add this to the packs of pads which will be delivered this month. A post will be made to the Give A Little page, so you can see where your funds have been used. THANK YOU. Every dollar really does make a difference in Vanuatu.

Belinda Roselli
Susan C
Susan C on 24 Jul 2018
Belinda Roselli

Thank you Susan - we appreciate your generosity. Mi lukim yu . Belinda

Belinda Roselli
Robin Burnside
Robin Burnside on 10 Jul 2018
Thank you so much for helping these women. Wonderful program.
Belinda Roselli

Thank you for supporting our social enterprise in Vanuatu. As previously discussed, these 5 kits will be ear marked for Torres Islands when Liz from the Friend of Kokorosa are visiting northern Vanuatu later this year. Tank yu. Belinda.

Belinda Roselli

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