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Mammas Laef empowers women in Vanuatu by providing sustainable menstrual products, creating social enterprise & breaking menstruation taboos

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Your donation to Mamma’s Laef Charitable Trust will enable women of all ages to receive, made-in-Vanuatu, reusable sanitary pads which last 3 years; alongside menstrual health education sessions. Your donation will be used in the supply of packs of pads ($25 per pack) for distribution to women of all ages in communities across Vanuatu. Since 2016, Give A Little fundraising has already donated 200 packs.

Many females in Vanuatu are unable to join in daily activities when they are menstruating. Girls stay away from school, women are unable to prepare food for the family and some women are sent to separate houses to rest in, away from the family. Some of the cultural taboos around menstruation make it difficult for women to fully reach their potential. Mamma’s Laef may not be able to change all of those but what we can do is, provide women with dignity during menstruation, by supplying her with environmentally friendly appropriate menstrual products.

Your donation will help us to give ni Vanuatu women access to quality and clean menstrual products. Products which are sustainable, environmentally friendly and being made in their own country, therefore increases economic outcomes too. Locals providing menstrual health education is a gamechanger, empowering women to take control of their lives.

More about us

Mamma’s Laef is the result of a question which was asked by Belinda Roselli (the Founder), in the wake of Cyclone Pam (March 2015). “In times of natural disaster in Vanuatu, what do women use for their monthly period?”

During 6 months of research, the answer became clear; menstrual pads were not easily accessible at any time for many rural living women in Vanuatu, resulting in women of all ages, not being able to fully participate in daily activities. Alongside the lack of menstrual resources, were the cultural taboos and confusing messages about menstrual health.

A partial solution was developed in Vanuatu; a locally managed group who sew reusable sanitary pads, that are cost-effective, convenient, comfortable and eco-friendly. The second important factor was later introduced; during delivery of pads in communities, the Mamma’s Laef team, chatted about menstrual health.

As a result of being awarded recognition in the Frontier Innovators programme in (DFAT) in 2018, Mamma’s Laef Charitable Trust was formed, to formally support the development of Mamma’s Laef Vanuatu (a ni-Vanuatu owned and operated social enterprise, trading as a business). Together the two entities have a VISION to be “Supporting women to control their future”. Our Mission Statement describes how we do this; “Mamma’s Laef empowers women by providing sustainable menstrual products, creating social enterprise, and breaking taboos about menstruation.”

Funds raised by Give A Little are tagged to be used in the supply of packs of pads for distribution to women of all ages in communities across Vanuatu.

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Latest update

Canada Fund for Local Initiatives - Incontinence  6 February 2020

Posted by: Mamma's Laef Charitable Trust

Helping those who have asked us.

If you have a solution and can answer the call of those you meet, then why wouldn't you.

Incontinence (for women who have given birth in particular) is a topic that is naturally discussed when chatting about menstruation.

That in turn, led us to talk more about urinary and fecal incontinence.

So our solution was developed and tested, and now thanks to funding through the Canadian High Commission in Canberra, Australia - we were able to reach people living with disability and incontinence.

It's a small thing, but it does make a difference.

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Latest donations

  • Roseanne

    Roseanne on 21 Mar 2020


    Period poverty is a terrible thing. Thank you for helping.


    • Mamma's Laef Charitable Trust

      Thank you for thinking of us in Vanuatu. Your donation will be added to the next outreach. We had planned this for April, but currently with the global pandemic, we are unsure when the distribution will happen. An update will go on this page once the distribution - with your "pack" included. Many thanks Roseanne.

  • Caroline Hammar

    Caroline Hammar on 20 Feb 2020



    • Mamma's Laef Charitable Trust

      Thank you so much for your generous donation. We have a planned distribution of packs of pads in a few months time. Another 4 women / girls will now receive packs of reusable menstrual pads. THANKS.

  • Simone

    Simone on 16 Jan 2020


    Just visited today!! Thank you for the amazing work you do


    • Mamma's Laef Charitable Trust

      Mamma's Laef Vanuatu were thrilled to be able to host you and your team from Australia. Thanks for your donation here (and the ones received in Vanuatu today). We are grateful for your support. Our Vision is to help women to take control of their future (on many levels). Your donation helps us do this. Tank yu tumas Simone.

  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 03 Dec 2019


    Funds for printing of new education programme


    • Mamma's Laef Charitable Trust

      Thanks so much for your generosity to go towards the printing of our NEW education programme. We are very excited about the updated content and the graphics, which we believe, our audiences will appreciate. We are grateful for the content assistance we had by our friend in Australia.

  • Caroline

    Caroline on 23 Oct 2019


    Mi hapi tumas we yufala stap makem ol kaen samting ia. I gud tumas.


    • Mamma's Laef Charitable Trust

      Thank you so much ... your donation will be added to the first quarter 2020 distribution list - kindest regards.

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