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Many elderly refugees want to stay near their country

  • Event coming up

      22 October 2021

    Dear friends

    I hope you all well and lockdown helping you to walk more. Glass half full!

    Since I couldn’t travel and study continued, I have created a few little projects in the community. 1 Art class every Saturday 1-3 for local and former refugees children to come express through painting. 2 Every first Saturday of the months sharing dinner and language. 3 doing 3 day workshop in high-school. All in Dunedin

    Now the big event is 6 December virtual breakfast live with refugee camp overseas. 6 pm NZT and 9 am Kurdistan time. Follow us on Instagram mrsi.for.all for updates and link to join us on zoom

    I am still planning to go visit refugee camps, COVID permitting, that’s why keeping this page open.

    Thank you for your support, appreciated

    Much respect and gratitude

    Zhian Eli

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  • Going next year.

      20 April 2021

    Thank you for your support and generosity. As you know because of COVID 19 my travel was canceled.

    Now I am at 2nd year of my study and for 3rd I will try again to go visit refugee camps.

    Your support much appreciated

    Zhian Eli

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  • Travel was canceled

      17 May 2020

    Hope all well and safe. Unfortunately my travel was canceled bec of covid 19. Plan to go next year when life go back to normal.

    Thank you

    For all your support

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  • Still going and need help

      11 March 2020

    Next week going to go visit refugee camp and still need help to make a project happen. Our new website is online and will add video’s soon.

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