Many elderly refugees want to stay near their country

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The wait for settlement takes 2long.I have plan to help them begin a new life in host country where they can go from surviving to thriving!


My name is Zhian Eli and I am studying at Otago Polytechnic for my Bachelor of Leadership for Change and as part of my study requirement, I am undertaking a project: to travel to refugee camps in middle east and introduce support programmes to help refugees start new lives within their own land, environment and culture.

Many refugees have found new homes in New Zealand for which they are grateful, having been welcomed and supported here by generous people and organisations. I was one of them, coming to New Zealand in 1997.

However the process takes time and is especially hard for elderly refugees, many of whom cannot undertake long journeys to other countries offering sanctuary and a new life. It is also difficult for elderly refugees to adjust to a new country: adapting to the language, customs and culture does not come as easily for them as it does for younger refugee families.

My parents could not make the adjustment, as much as they were grateful for the opportunity. At the end had to take them back but in route to home Stuck in Canada and passaway before getting home!

Currently, there are no other options for refugees other than the lengthy and, at times unsuccessful, process of resettlement in another country. I want to lead change in Middle east refugee camps, developing strategies and programmes for re-settling refugees within their native lands where life is familiar and family support is near.

Over three million Syrian refugees live in over ten Kurdistan refugee camps. I plan to visit at least five as part of my project, to meet with those leaders, movers and those wanting change, and rally their support so together, we can make positive change in the lives of our elderly and their families.

I have started a national charity in NZ and website but this project need to start from refugee camps. if we start from there , they will not wait 10 yrs to come to NZ!!

Use of funds

As a student need fund to go to refugee camps to prove my project and help at least 3 families who want to stay in middle east and if targeted fund not met will top it up with different method of raising fund to make the project happen! If I cannot travel for this cause, your donations will go towards helping me start my Charity, and costs associated with that.

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Event coming up  22 October 2021

Dear friends

I hope you all well and lockdown helping you to walk more. Glass half full!

Since I couldn’t travel and study continued, I have created a few little projects in the community. 1 Art class every Saturday 1-3 for local and former refugees children to come express through painting. 2 Every first Saturday of the months sharing dinner and language. 3 doing 3 day workshop in high-school. All in Dunedin

Now the big event is 6 December virtual breakfast live with refugee camp overseas. 6 pm NZT and 9 am Kurdistan time. Follow us on Instagram mrsi.for.all for updates and link to join us on zoom

I am still planning to go visit refugee camps, COVID permitting, that’s why keeping this page open.

Thank you for your support, appreciated

Much respect and gratitude

Zhian Eli

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Guest Donor on 17 Sep 2021
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Guest Donor on 26 Apr 2021
Thank you for people like you with heart and a passion for others. Making the steps all be it early; and am sure they feel small and up hill. You are amazing. Thank you for walking the walk
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 16 Jan 2020
Hinemoa on 10 Jan 2020
I think if we helped each other more, life would be better.
Lin on 10 Jan 2020
It makes perfect sense to help people in need, if more of us helped those in need everyone would have a better quality of life and the world would be a better place. Tolerance iand understanding is in short supply right now.

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