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    Barb asks

    I have shared this to the RNZAF sick and deceased page, hopefully that will further boost things along.

    on 22 Jan 2019

    • Talia Canvin


      Thanks so much Barb. I am of the understanding that it has now been moved to another group. Every little helps and in spreading the word together we will raise the profile of the cause and the need for reform. Hopefully, in time, it will make life better for current and future members of the defence family.

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    Christian asks

    Just read that the PM says Defence won't pursue Mariya for their costs. Does this mean Mariya can reduce her target?

    on 21 Nov 2018

    • Talia Canvin


      Hi Christian. It's really great news the NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has publicly stated it's her expectation the NZ Defence Force will not pursue Mariya for its costs regardless of whether the court awards costs to it or not.

      There are still Roper's costs though of $57,000 and we are awaiting the judge's ruling on those. Also, Mariya has personally incurred upwards of $60,000 fighting the case so far plus payment towards her own lawyer's fees already incurred.

      As stated elsewhere on the page, the funds raised will be used to pay defendants' costs, Mariya's already incurred legal costs, costs of the appeal and any surplus will go to help others. Mariya still potentially has quite a way to go to get justice. We will update the page when we have the High Court judge's ruling.

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    Michelle asks

    Hi there I would be willing to support Mariya however I do question the money going to her husband, better served to go to a trust account for accountability, will anything like this be set up, Regards, Michelle

    on 19 Nov 2018

    • Talia Canvin


      Thanks Michelle for giving us the opportunity to address this important point.

      Mariya has lived in Australia for a long time now. She and her legal team have had to work to tight timelines imposed on her (and the defendants) by the NZ High Court on costs and also had to work to the publication deadline for the Sunday Star Times and Stuff features.

      Opening an account in New Zealand when she is resident in Australia has proved time consuming and difficult and is still in progress.

      The decision was made to use her husband, Mr Daniel's NZ account meanwhile.

      Rest assured, over the last 18 months, all the court filing fees, payment of medical expenses, Mariya's witness expenses have been paid from Mr Daniel's NZ account.

      As detailed elsewhere on Mariya's givealittle page, in the event there are surplus funds these will be used to support others and this may well be from a trust which will be set up in the event there are surplus funds. Mariya's legal team are keen to contain costs.

      A decision will be made in consultation with her legal team as trustees would need to take up those roles and there can be significant costs of establishing the trust as well.

      Mariya's page and funding setup has passed givealittle's rigorous moderation processes for donor peace of mind.

      Already, the huge publicity following Mariya's brave decision to go public has emboldened others to come forward and consider telling their story.

      We hope this addresses your concern.

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    Megan asks

    I hope everyone who feels strongly about this will consider messaging the NZDF via their facebook page. Perhaps if we flood their social media manager with messages expressing our disgust that they won't step up and take moral and ethical responsibility for Mariya's situation they will, if nothing else, see the damage to their brand and mana that this stance is causing. DO THE RIGHT THING, NZDF. The kiwis that work for you deserve as much, don't hide behind lawyers and legal technicalities.

    on 18 Nov 2018

    • Talia Canvin


      Megan thank you for your words of support. Yes, pressure through social media is a great peaceful and dignified avenue through which to effect change. All service personnel deserve a respectful and dignified workplace and NZDF needs to take responsibility in order to learn from past mistakes.

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    Jo asks

    Hi I have just read the article about Marya's fight for justice. Whilst I am not in a position to offer financial support I would like to offer emotional support. I worked for NZDF for 3 years as a civilian in Wellington. I did not experience any physical or targeted sexual abuse but I was very aware of where I stood as a young female and the discrimination that was accepted as normal behaviour by the military in general. It makes me sick that people think that the MeToo movement was created for spiteful women to accuse males for the purpose of ruining them and making money. So I say thank you to Mariya for standing up and being heard. It is a brave thing and helps others to realise their value and ability to say no that was wrong and it needs to change. We need our voices to be heard for us and for our daughters and sons. If men and abusers aren't told they have crossed the line then they accept that they can move the line and will keep shifting it for as long as they can. It is a shame that so many women have to go through extra trauma to make this point. Keep up the good fight and I only hope that they will be held accountable very soon and Mariya can move forward with her life. Best wishes Jo

    on 18 Nov 2018

    • Talia Canvin


      Thanks so much Jo for standing strong with Mariya and the MeToo cause in general. We are very grateful for your support and words of encouragement.

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