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Meet Little Toby and help save his leg!!!

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$4,288 of $6,000 goal

Given by 59 generous donors in 8 weeks


Please help Toby keep his leg and give him quality of life and ultimately his forever home.

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Meet wee Toby, he's had a rough start to life. :-( His brothers and sisters were born normal but he was not so lucky. He was born with a defect, a humeroulnar congenital elbow luxation, basically his elbow is dislocated and twisted. (see xray photo) No-one wanted him due to possible medical costs further down the track so he has been deprived of a forever home. As his brothers and sisters were chosen he was always left behind. He is now 5 months old and when I found out about him I wanted to help him and be his voice.

Toby has been to see the specialist at Vetspecs in Christchurch to be assessed and xrayed and they are confident that they can give him back the use of his leg. The only other option is amputation and he deserves the opportunity to have 4 functioning legs rather than just whipping his leg off as its the easy option. It has been recommended that the surgery is completed as soon as possible while his bones are still soft.

Please follow Toby and help him take his journey.

Sue Culham's involvement (page creator)

Toby is a wee Shitzu x puppy that I rescued 3 weeks ago who was born with a humeroulnar congenital elbow luxation. He had no forever home as no-one wanted to take him on with the possiblility of future medical expenses.

Use of funds

Vet specs have quoted between $5000 - $6000 for the surgery. Any surplus will be donated to another animal welfare cause.

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Slow Progress Week 3  19 November 2019

Posted by: Sue Culham

Well we are now at week 3 after Toby’s surgery. Last week after xrays it was discovered that his growth plate had cracked. So a plan was put in place to remove the pins from his leg this week. Pins came out Monday and he’s been back

At vets all day today managing the pain. The hope now is that the elbow and ulna that was rotated will stay in place with no pins in place to hold it so fingers crossed. Day one no pins and X-ray shows everything is where it should be!!! Toby has started physio and is enjoying all the massages that he is getting!!! See the new photos

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Latest donations

  • Karen

    Karen on 19 Nov 2019


    Sue you are a legend. Love to you wee Toby. You are so cute you will be well loved no matter what.


  • Karen

    Karen on 14 Nov 2019


    From one animal lover to another. Best of luck.


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 09 Nov 2019



  • Charles

    Charles on 06 Nov 2019



  • Stacey

    Stacey on 29 Oct 2019


    All the best wee tony you stole my heart


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$4,288 of $6,000 goal

Given by 59 generous donors in 8 weeks

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