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My journey to fighting breast cancer - Updates - Givealittle

  • Radiation      9 July 2019

    Hello all thank u yet again to those of u lovelys that have donated we have raised so much thanks to u all

    I am due to go down to parmy and start the rest of my journey on the 25th of july

    I will have radiation for 3weeks every day Monday-friday i get to have a break on the weekends tho so yay

    I am healing well still having a few wee complications due to fluid build up around the surgical area but im coping well with it all an am ready to start this next leg of the journey to kicking cancers arse :)

    Stay blessed xx

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  • Thank you all      7 June 2019

    I would just like to say a massive an huge thank you to all who have donated so far

    God bless u all xx

    I am recovery well at home an making sure to rest an look after my self.

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  • Surgery     30 May 2019

    Well i just had my surgery on the 29th of may

    Had my left breast removed

    Im recovery well

    Am on some very good pain meds.

    Feels weird knowing tht my breast is no longer there.

    I will be in hospital for a few days

    Im doing ok tho

    Thank u all for ur love an support x

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