Naomi’s heartbreaking cancer battle

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Naomi heartbreaking cancer battle

Christchurch, Canterbury

This is the most heartbreaking thing I could ever imagined having to do but I have no other options!

On Friday, March 8 Naomi was taken into hospital with discomfort in her tummy, she had scans and the following morning was told she had she has cancer, it’s believed that it started in her colon and has spread to her liver and into her chest and lymph nodes, it is at stage 4 and very aggressive 😭 We have 2 amazing daughters 11 & 13 years old who are about to have their worlds ripped apart!

So I’m writing this to try and generate as much support as possible so she can have some quality in the time she has left, she is unable to work therefore money is very very tight, I want her to be able to do as much as possible and create some forever memories with our girls and to make her time left as happy as can possibly be!


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Naomi is my former partner of 20 yrs , she is the mother of our 2 beautiful daughters 11 & 13yrs

Use of funds

The money will be spent on Naomi’s quality of life, making forever memories with our daughters and hopefully something for our daughters going forward ( education fund etc)

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The latest   18 April 2024

Posted by: Naomi Argyle

Hi everyone, I thought it was about time to give you all an update since it has been a little while. I have no new medical news, meaning I have had no more scans or results of any kind but I have had my first round of chemo. I started last Thursday, 3 hours on a drip in hospital and then on a pump for the next 46 hours at home. The chemo part itself was ok but I did have a pretty bad couple of days once I finished the 46 hours but to be expected. Bounced back since, I do get rather tired a lot quicker these days and rest is my friend. I am currently in the lovely Hanmer Springs with my babies, mum, dad and mums brother Danny who is out from Australia for a couple of weeks to help out. Dad is doing ok, has lost his vision in one of his eyes which, of course, effects his balance but he is getting more confident as time goes on. I have been giving an amazing offer of a couple of nights at an amazing lodge which I personal won't be able to use so I have decided I will start a raffle and will post details soon.

Again, thank you to everyone who has visited and been in touch, if I have gotten back to you as of yet, it is coming. Thank you for all the love and support from you all.

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Give that C as many uppercuts as ya can mate.. Make those memories. Thoughts from Sia & me
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