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Nathan has a cancerous growth on his throat and cannot perform. Your generosity gives him peace of mind for his family during recovery.

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New Zealand music legend Nathan Haines was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx in mid December 2017.

After two major operations in late December and mid January 2018 including removal of the tumour and lymph nodes in his neck, Nathan is now cancer free and is getting on with recovery, including a six week course of radio therapy which he undertook in late March.

Having to cancel all his performances indefinitely at his busiest time of year is a huge blow to the Haines family, and like many New Zealand entertainers he lives from show to show with little ongoing security.

Nathan has trouble speaking clearly as the surgery compromised his right vocal cord, and he is working through many post-surgery and radiology side effects including difficulty swallowing and aspiration (he was admitted to hospital in March for a pneumonia type lung condition). However he is still able to play, though it will many months until he is able to return to his previous form.

Nathan and his wife Jaimie appreciate the financial support they have received at this very difficult and testing time.

Use of funds:

For the day to day support and security of Nathan's family and to contribute to ongoing living costs.

Page created by:

Angela Griffen


I am a friend of the family. Please call me on 0275780889 if you need any further information

All funds raised benefit:

Nathan Haines

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Jaimie Webster Haines & Zoot Haines on behalf of Nathan Haines.
“Sending you lots of love x”
“Get well soon Nathan, the world needs you and your wonderful talent. Peace and blessings.”
“Dear Nathan and family, thoughts and prayers are with you. Like a lot of families we have had close encounters with cancer and the blessing of Give a Little goes a long way. Our daughter has BRCA 2 gene it's been a 9 year battle so far diagnosed @ Level 4 over 4 years ago. Thanks to amazing love and support, she is still with us and doing well and enjoying her 3 daughters and husband. Give a Little does help. All the very best to you and your family. As we say in Fijian Tiko Kai Kaua - Stay strong. Very best regards, Diana Goulding”
“Sending you all our love xxx”
“Thinking of you Nathan and your whole family. Heal fast my friend.”
“I think im line so your helping a lot getting me to deal with what could be happening instead of ignoring it. Good Luck”
“Beautiful heart. Preach!”
“Sending blessings”
“Big hugs from the Jeffrey family x. Get well young man and enjoy family time. Bless xx”
“Kia kaha bro 🤘😎🤘”
  • $69,555.24 donated
  • 301 generous donors

$69,555 donated

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