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Newborn in starship

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To raise money for my son and his family si they can help my grandson holden

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My grandson was born just over two weeks ago and he was in icu straight away as he had issues with his breathing. He recovered from that and was with his mum in a ward when they discovered that he was tongue tied so they fixed that but then he was no peeing so he had to go back to icu. While he was there they thought he was not going to make it but he pulled through and they sent him to starship where he was again in icu but is now in a ward but he has been diagnosed with leach nyhan syndrome which is a rare disease but one that has no cure. He will have uric acid so will have issues with kidney stones. Also he could have muscle spasm like someone with cerebral palsy so he may never walk and there is also the risk of self harm. I am hoping that there are people out there who would be able to help his parents with money so they can get things like bottles etc for Holden and also so that things will be a bit easier until my son can go back to work. The reason for the bottles is so that his mum can Express and they can know easier whether he has had enough feed or if they need to stop him up with his tube.

Christina Cheetham 's involvement (page creator)

I am his grandmother. This is to try and help his parents as he is in starship

Use of funds

My son expenses until he can go back to work and things like bottles that they urgently need for Holden. They need to have a natural teat.

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Newborn in starship   1 October 2019

Posted by: Christina Cheetham

Good news today. It looks like holden is now well enough for the family to be transferred to waikato hospital. They are hoping it will be tomorrow. We have been contacted by a stuff reporter that wants to do a story on the kids story and the kids have agreed to that so that's awesome. Another big thank you to everyone that has donated so far. As a family we all appreciate your kindness but Holden and his parents especially. So that is all I know for now but I will update when I know more

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Latest donations

  • Theresa

    Theresa on 18 Oct 2019


    Please give bubba a cuddle from us. Love & support from us


    • Christina Cheetham

      Thank you so much Theresa. Ash and jaide appreciate it so much

  • Dawn

    Dawn on 04 Oct 2019


    Much love to the little man and his family. Dawn and Colin. Xx


    • Christina Cheetham

      Thank you so very much for your support

  • Louise

    Louise on 04 Oct 2019


    What a precious wee man baby Holden is. Kia kaha Ash.


    • Christina Cheetham

      Thank you so very much louise. This means heaps.

  • Phil and Carolyn

    Phil and Carolyn on 04 Oct 2019


    Very sad to hear, baby Holden is unwell our thoughts and prayers are with you all xxx Phil and Carolyn Cross


    • Christina Cheetham

      Thank you so very much for your support

  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 04 Oct 2019


    Hoping for the best for you all.


    • Christina Cheetham

      Thank you so very much for your support

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$2,323 donated

Given by 68 generous donors in 21 days

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