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Help for Amira and the kids

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A page to help raise funds for a single mother of a small family to replace items lost on an arson on her family car.

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Family Support In Need

On October 29th 2017, Amira Kovacs’ car was found washed up on the side of a river in the small town of Oamaru. Sometime on Saturday night / Sunday morning the vehicle was stolen, driven to the river then completely burnt out. What was left was nothing but a pile of scrap, a metal skeleton the only remnants of the former single mother’s car.

Inside? Two car seats. Noah, age 5, had his favourite spider man car seat inside. His sister Mila’s, age 3, sitting across from it.

Amira works outside of Oamaru and as she primarily works night shift, walking to work isn’t exactly an option. She will now have to rely on family and other close friends for support until she can sort more suitable transport.

This car was the only reliable transport she had. How she got her kids to school, how she got to visit her mother who lives locally, how she gets to work each night so that she can afford to give her children things that they deserve.

Not only was this car an integral cog of this small family’s clockwork, inside were items of major significance. Noah and Mila’s birth certificates as well as other family members. Amira’s wallet with licence and eftpos card went up in flames. A busy mum relies on all her things in one place, it makes her life easier, little did she know that she would have to worry that this mean she would lose everything overnight.

Amira had owned the car since January 2017. She worked really hard to pay it off fast so that it became a point of pride. She hadn’t yet got it insured so there’s no other help available for Amira, Noah and Mila.

A lot of the personal items in the car were completely irreplaceable. There’s no replacing those sentimental items. Life must go on and we want this to be able to happen with as little financial burden. Amira worked hard to build this life and we don’t want this malicious act to set her back.

The incident has affected the whole family significantly. Mila, still too young to fully understand what has happened, still realises they now need to walk places. Noah now sticks to Amira’s side like glue. He’s cried a lot since. It’s a lot for a wee mind to take in and really he just wants his Spider man car seat back. We know we can’t replace it, but maybe we can find him a new car seat that him and his sister and his mum can make some new memories in this summer and hopefully many many more.

Use of Funds:

We, her friends and family, are wanting to raise at least $5000 We are hoping that this will be able to alleviate some of the pressure on this young mum. The money will be used to replace her vehicle to efficiently run around after her young children. The money will also hopefully cover the cost of replacing her licence and other necessary cards and replace all birth certificates plus car seats for the kids.

Each and every dollar counts.

A very sincere thanks in advance.

Page created by:

Damian Kovacs


I am involved because she is my sister, over the past few months I have seen her financially struggle and having car was her greatest asset as she was so reliant on it. Now with nothing things are going to be a lot tougher on her and the kids.

All funds raised benefit:

Amira Kovacs


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Amira Kovacs.

  • $310.00 donated
  • 11 generous donors

$310 donated



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