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Ian has Stage 4 life threatening Colon /Liver Cancer and is now Unemployed he needs your help ..

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$6,870 of $100,000 goal

Given by 61 generous donors in around 4 months


Ian has a Stage 4 life threatening Colon/ Liver Cancer and is unemployment now he needs your help ...

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. Ian was diagnosed with a devastating stage 4 Colon Cancer that has spread to liver and is life threatening..Chemo followed by a life saving operation have partially shrunk the tumors but Ian needs a non funded drug called ( AVASTIN) at $5.000 per treatment to give him.half a chance of to beat this terrible disease ... ... A kind spirited nature lover Ian has no help money wise now his job has gone .( He never thought he'd be on this page 4 months ago life is now so tough).. at 55 he has So much more life to live ..he is determined to beat the odds ..Ian desperately needs the cancer to shrink or slow down to give him more Quality time in a life he loves so much ....any amount however small is very much appreciated his goal is open ...many thanks God bless

Beverley Dodd's involvement (page creator)

My name is Bev, Ian is my Soul mate .We found a true love together and have been inseparable ever since. We are dedicated to each other through thick and thin ..Ian needs your help now please and appreciate any amount however small 🙏

Use of funds

Non funded second line treatment (AVASTIN) which goes alongside funded treatment FOLFIRI and Ian and Bev being able to spend quality time together and relieve financial burden at this time ....

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Ian's story ..4 months then and now ..  27 February 2020

Posted by: Beverley Dodd

Hi Everyone ...This is Bev Ian's partner ..We just wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for your kind support at this very stressful time ...I wanted to run by the past 4 months in a nutshell just to keep you in the picture ...In October Ian felt very tired and low on energy got so bad he couldn't walk up our street home after work ..

After changing doctors to mine after his last one couldn't give any answers Ian had a blood test and scan along with a Colonoscopy as he was having bad abdominal pain ...The Colonoscopy showed a tumor the size of an orange ...blood tests showed liver cancer covering the whole liver. and stomach lining Doctors said he had 6 months to live without treatment... He started Chemotherapy and it is a very hard course of intense treatments..after 5 he was rushed to emergency room in pain ..they found he had a complete blockage inside his colon and a life saving operation had to be done the next day to save his life...a full permanent stoma had to be fitted but Ian was saved ... A week in hospital and no more chemo until it healed was now on the cards .. unable to walk and house bound life was harder Bev has to work but the nurses pop by to help and gradually Ian is a little stronger ...Chemo had to start again to shrink this terrible disease ..a scan showed that the last chemo started the shrink the tumors in the liver but the colon one has grown ... Ian must now finish 5 more chemo treatments and then he has to start ongoing with an unfunded drug (Avastin ..) This has a very high shrinkage rate and we are desperate to get enough money before treatment starts .. this chemo now will be 5 more sessions .before we need to use the funds we will use as much as we can raise to have as many treatments as possible to save Ian's life ...We are forever grateful to all the kind souls helping our cause ..God bless 🙏

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  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 14 May 2020


    Keep on keeping on


  • John

    John on 18 Apr 2020



    • Beverley Dodd

      Thanks John for supporting my cause ... totally appreciate ..cheers

  • Tony

    Tony on 18 Apr 2020


    Top bloke Ian, so happy I had the chance to work with such a great guy. Sorry this is late Ian, keep fighting that great fight mate. We are here for you.


    • Beverley Dodd

      Thanks Tony the Fight is never over Always...and thanks for your contribution every bit helps ..Ian ..Cheers mate 👌

  • Milena

    Milena on 14 Apr 2020



    • Beverley Dodd

      Thank you Beautiful ❤️ xx

  • Plamen Stoev

    Plamen Stoev on 04 Apr 2020


    Best wishes to both of you, Bev! Get well soon, Ian!


    • Beverley Dodd

      Thank you Plamen for your extremely kind donation ..Ian is very grateful ..we both send our love ....x

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$6,870 of $100,000 goal

Given by 61 generous donors in around 4 months

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