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Nova - The Viking Dog needs your help

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He needs an MRI scan to determine the source of his pain and give him the best possible chance at a pain free life.

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From the moment that Nova came into our lives he dazzled us with his intelligence and personality and his fiercely loving and courageous spirit.

Despite being an active healthy 2 1/2 year old Vallhund, Nova has some serious health issues. He started to show signs of being in pain a few months ago and the situation progressed until he was having trouble walking. What we have discovered is that he has a condition akin to spina bifida where the spine and spinal cord haven't formed correctly and in his case the nerves attached to his bowel aren't working right.

He is now is facing a lifetime of medication to control nerve pain and it's a very fine line between controlling his pain enough that he can lead an active life and avoiding the side effects that will leave him drowsy and uncoordinated. Ideally we need an MRI scan to determine exactly how the spine and spinal cord have formed and what can be done to give Nova a quality life but at $1600 it is unaffordable.

As a solo mum and unable to work due to an illness, my options are limited. Nova is an integral member of our family, a staunch protector and faithful friend to two teenage boys and two cats. We have gone from having to constantly throw the ball for him and play chase around the lounge all night, to having to coax him to take a few steps and it has been devastating.

The MRI will give us insight into the exact cause of his pain and allow us to make the best decision regarding his treatment and give him the best possible chance at a pain free life.

Use of funds

The MRI scan will enable us to make sure he is on the right medication to give him a quality life. If we are lucky enough to raise additional funds they will go towards the cost of pain medication and surgery.

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Latest donations

Suzi on 06 Aug 2020
Marilynne on 21 Aug 2019
From my Valls to yours
Kathryn Gibson

Thank you Marilynne and Valls

Kathryn Gibson
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 13 Aug 2019
Best wishes for Nova from our Vall/Corgi pack.
Kathryn Gibson

Thank you Vall/Corgi pack from Nova

Kathryn Gibson
Bruce on 11 Aug 2019
From my Vall-boy to yours. Mine has had cruciate ligament problems so I know what a difference pain can make to your bundle of love.
Kathryn Gibson

Thank you Bruce, I hope your Vall is doing ok.

Kathryn Gibson
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 11 Aug 2019

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