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New Zealand Tahr Foundation

on 25 Sep 2018

Mark asks

You can take this down if you like it is more of a statement than a question.

Do you trust the integrity of the DOC intentions to reduce the numbers of this critically endangered animal?

I was on a tahr cull with the NZDA in the Forbes area - to prevent the arranged aerial cull by DOC, on return no one in DOC would even talk to us regarding the numbers killed & the contractor was there refueling his helicopter to commence the cull. It is not DOCs land it is OUR land its being mismanaged on our behalf. There are billions of hectares of land with all the plants they are concerned about that are surviving just fine - have you checked out the merino numbers? Same joke as whitebait & possum eradication. Good luck to all. Happy days.

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on 23 Sep 2018

shanon asks

I don't agree. You have intentionally twisted and distorted the facts.

"She has instructed her department to cull 17,500 tahr on top of the almost 3000 already culled in the last couple of months, and also she intends to reduce the tahr density in Mt Cook and Westland National Parks to zero"


You seem to know the numbers, if the stakeholders do not kill the 7,500 that is proposed then DOC stated that they will. The stakeholders have made it clear that they will not. SO... This makes the total 17,500. It is known that almost 3000 have already been taken this year. The number to be taken does not include these. She does intend to reduce the tahr density in the National Parks to zero. What part of this has been twisted?

Kaylyn Pinney
on 23 Sep 2018

shanon asks

Why are you blatantly lieing on a give a little page, this is frued . Doc will only kill 10k and the rest divided as follows.

NZDA, Safari Club International and Game Animal Council work

together with their members to remove at least 2,500+ tahr from public

conservation land and provide evidence and data

• WARO operators to remove 3,000 tahr from public conservation land and

provide evidence and data

• AATH operators to remove 1,500 tahr from public conservation land using

offsets and provide evidence and data

• Professional Hunting Guides to remove 500 tahr from public conservation

land and provide evidence and data


We are not lying. We have received the proposal from the Department that states in addition to the 10,000 outside of the National Parks;

"All tahr will be targeted in the Westland/Tai Poutini and Aoraki Mt Cook National Parks"

"During April 2019, the Department will assess the data provided by stakeholders and

undertake whatever further control operations we consider necessary to take out any

shortfall of animals not achieved."

Because of the conditions placed on the stakeholders, they will be unlikely to achieve the targets set, nor will they want to be party to the destruction of the tahr resource. Therefore, the Department is the only party planning to cull the proposed numbers.

The confidence intervals that surround the population estimate are wide and the proposed cull levels may in fact be greater than the total population. This is why so many people are concerned.

Please note all we are asking for is a mature well considered and consulted discussion, resulting in a sensible plan which manages tahr for sustainable hunting whilst conserving alpine vegetation.

Kaylyn Pinney

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