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New Zealand Tahr Foundation

  • Sensible Management Plan Looks More Likely

      2 October 2018

    Following the large amount support on this givealittle page, as well as the huge political pressure put on the government by the supporters of the NZTF, the Minister has agreed to revision of the original proposal and called a Tahr Liaison Group meeting yesterday.

    As a result of yesterdays meeting, consultation is now progressing and it appears likely that sensible management will prevail. This means legal proceedings can hopefully be avoided.

    If this is the case the funds raised on this page can be put towards setting up the tahr herd as a "Herd of Special Interest" to ensure ongoing sensible management into the future. Obtaining this status means that tahr would no longer be considered a wild animal, Instead they will become a Game animal under the GAC Act which encourages sustainable management. This will require huge efforts, substantiated scientific research and financial resources far in excess of what we have raised thus far.

    Please note the NZTF is committed to the New Zealand hunting community and sustainable management. As such the use of funds for the purposes stated on this page will be fully transparent.

    For regular updates check out New Zealand Tahr Foundation facebook page.

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