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The Osteopathic Children's Foundation Centre for Children

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We want more children to be healthier by having access to free osteopathy and all the benefits it can provide.

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The Foundation

The Osteopathic Children’s Foundation Charitable Trust (“OCF”) has been set up by a passionate group of people who want more children to have access to osteopathy in New Zealand. Cost is one of the key impediments to children having access to osteopathy and OCF’s great ambition is to overcome this obstacle. Our key focus is:

- To provide free osteopathic services for children;

- to fund research, teaching, fellowship support and other educational activities for the purpose of promoting and improving (free) osteopathic and other ancillary or complementary health services for children;

- to purchase equipment and other services or products for hospitals and other healthcare organisations charged with the delivery of free osteopathic health services for children.

Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this? Because every child deserves better health and osteopathy helps children in so many ways. The idea that children are young and flexible and don’t have musculoskeletal imbalances in their body is a myth. In virtually every condition there is a mechanical component which contributes, either as a cause or a consequence, to physical and physiological problems. Osteopathy is the science of identifying these factors and assisting the body in adjusting to them. It is not an alternative to medical treatment, it can be complementary to the mainstream healthcare approach. Osteopathy is holistic, gentle and safe.​

What are we up to?

Our first project is to mobilise a group of experienced practitioners and run a monthly koha clinic for the community based at a marae in Hamilton East. We aim to serve lower socio-economic groups through this health centre.

We are raising money to supply equipment and services to make this the best possible healthcare for the children including tables, examination equipment and toys. The osteopaths and board are donating their time for free.

Use of Funds:

The money raised will go to setting up a centre where children can access free world class osteopathic healthcare. Osteopaths will be giving their time for free.

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Every child deserves better health.

“We are proud to support the Osteopathic Children's Foundation Project. What Rob, Ollie and the team are trying to do is help children in need in our local area. What could be more important.”
“Thanks Rob Hart for letting us know about this cause.”
“Awesome initiative!”
“Thanks for making a difference for us kiwi kids”
“Such an important cause. Well done to everyone involved for getting care to those in need.”
“awesome concept and all the best”
“Looking forward to seeing this come to fruition”
“So privileged to be involved!”
  • $11,005.00 donated
  • 54 generous donors

$11,005 donated


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