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Help fill Paige's life with the people she needs to see the most!

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    Sharron asks

    Hi Anne.

    Just wondering if you could please add an update to the page, then I'll reshare it on Facebook.


    on 28 Sep 2019

    This question has not been answered yet.

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    Kirsten asks

    Hi Anne

    I know Megan and Chris through my cousin Keri-anne and Nathan Marsh.

    Her daughters also go to the same daycare (Pitter Patter) as my youngest daughter.

    I would like to organise a fundraising motorbike ride with Harley Davidson to raise money for them, but I wanted to check that it would be ok first. It was suggested that I contact you as I don't want to upset anyone

    I have contacted Harley Davidson Feilding and they are more than happy to help.

    Please feel free to ring/text me 0273644125 if you want to



    on 9 Sep 2019

    This question has not been answered yet.

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