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Oscar’s Fight Against the Baddies

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    Michelle asks

    Hello Judy. I was so sad to hear about Oscar on the radio this morning and would really love to help if you will allow.

    I am a health practitioner and last year I found out about another wee boy with cancer who is now doing really well. His father (from Australia) sent me his youtube link with the conversation about what made his boy so well so quickly and I wanted to know if I could please send you the link?

    I am not about to spam you or anything. It would be a link to your email via my petsonal work email if you would be open to it?

    I really think this could help.

    Warm Regards,

    Michelle Boyle.

    on 11 Feb 2020

    • Judy Rooney


      Hi Michelle

      Thank you for your kind words, please feel freer to email me the link to

      Warm regards

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