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Oscar’s Fight Against the Baddies

  • Bone Marrow Transplant      4 June 2020
    Posted by: Sarah Bisman
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    It’s been just over four months since diagnosis.

    Most of that time has been spent in Room 12, Level 7, at Starship Hospital.

    We’ve been allowed a short break for the long weekend.

    This is the first break for Oscar in about two months because he’s been so unwell between Rnd 2 & Rnd 3 of chemo.

    It’s been nice for us all as it’s been so long since we’ve spent any time as a whole family.

    The kids have all missed their brother & he has needed this so much.

    We go back into hospital tomorrow to take on the biggest challenge of his treatment so far.

    Oscar will begin Round 4, known as “conditioning”, then he will undergo a Bone Marrow Transplant. (BMT).

    We have found a stem cell donor match from the UK, for that we are so grateful.

    This is Oscars best chance of survival.

    The conditioning is intense.

    The transplant itself is relatively “easy” in process.

    The process will likely take two months or so.

    It will be dictated by Oscar & his body day by day.

    He will get sick unfortunately.

    Extremely ill most likely.

    The danger of infection and complications is high.

    The threat to his life, very real.

    There have been discussions about the process with his lead Doctors & the transplant Nurse specialist.

    They are highly qualified, amazing people and we trust them and their decisions.

    Too many times they mention his mortality during the discussions though.

    We place our sons life in their hands.

    It’s a reality none of us can ignore.

    There have been tears.

    I have sat sobbing on the shower floor for my boy and what he faces.

    Sleep has been a struggle.

    We have started counselling to help Oscar & ourselves as this goes on.

    It has been a reality check again, just how big this challenge is that Oscar is fighting & what we will all be facing as we enter hospital tomorrow.

    But we do not doubt this is his best chance of fighting the baddies and beating his Leukemia.

    He’s strong, he’s brave and we have to believe he will beat this.

    Losing is not an option.

    Thank you to you all for your support so far, see you in a few months.

    Thank you so much.

    Gav, Sarah, Isla, Sailor, Oscar, Sage.


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  • Happy Lockdown Easter to you All 🐣     12 April 2020
    Posted by: Judy Rooney
    Main image

    We hope you are all staying home and staying safe, been a lot happening since last update ....

    Day 75 update.

    Oscar is going ok so far.

    (He has now spent 70 days in this room).

    He finished round two of chemo over three weeks ago & is in recovery mode again.

    (Each round takes around six weeks with the chemo treatment being 4-10 days and the rest is recovery & other treatments, medicines and surgeries).

    This round needs to be successful.

    He’s gone from “low risk” in round one to “high risk” for round two and beyond now.

    This was due to the cancer cells coming back in higher numbers after round one.

    That was tough.

    And sad.


    His chemo dose goes up 10X now so it’s really toxic & hard on his body.

    We’re really trying to smash those “baddies” so they don’t return.


    He handled the week of chemo well but afterwards has had a number of complications that have knocked him around.

    We had a pretty scary three days in PICU (Intensive Care) last week.

    We are through that but he’s still struggling with fevers and lung issues.

    “All part of the process” unfortunately.

    Those smiling pictures belie a little 5yr old kid getting hammered with toxic chemicals and spending his days isolated in his room, struggling through a lot of discomfort with this shitty situation.

    But we all need those smiles to get us through.

    He’s brave our little boy.

    Regardless, it looks inevitable that we will now be dealing with the reality of bone marrow transplant as his best chance of survival.

    He’ll do another round of chemo but after that, instead of round four it’ll be a process to begin the transplant treatment.

    We have a bit of a waiting game over the next week or two for final decisions/plans and treatment protocol direction but have started the process.

    We’ve all had tests done (Sarah, Gavin & the kids) but none of us were an ideal match so we have gone offshore.

    Thankfully we have found a suitable core stem cell that we have arranged to be sent from the UK for his transplant procedure.

    The Starship staff, AML specialists and our lead Doctors & lead Nurse have been amazing at helping get this all sorted.

    The people here are incredible and supportive & do all they can to make this experience less horrific.

    This will mean even longer here in isolation & hospital for Oscar but it’s the best plan to get him home so that’s what we’re doing.

    Playing the long game.

    It’s better now that we are all up here living together.

    It’s much easier.

    Thankfully we had just moved the kids up the week before lockdown!

    Gavin & Sarah want to say Thanks so much to Uncle Wal & Aunty Di who have been amazing, let us live with them in Orakei and helping so much with the other kids! ❤️

    It means Sarah & Gavin can swap every other day/night so that helps heaps and means we both have more time with Oscar too.

    Oscar thrives on seeing his brother & sisters when he can so it’s been good for him. It’s helped him so much to get through this so far.

    Thank you again to everyone for all the kind messages and the ongoing support.

    Give your kids a big hug today & spoil them with lots of time, cuddles & treats for Easter!

    The Bismans.


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  • Papamoa Community join Oscar to Fight The Baddies - Sunday 1st March 2020, 1-6pm     28 February 2020
    Posted by: Judy Rooney
    Main image

    A team of beautiful people, supported by the amazing Papamoa Community have put together a massive event at the Papamoa Tavern this Sunday 1st March 2020 from 1-6pm

    Get along and enjoy the event to support Oscar , with an afternoon of entertainment for all the family and lots of fun auctions and raffles with incredible items up for grabs!

    There will be live music, face painting, Live acts and three kinds of auctions, Silent, Live and tombola.

    check out all the details on facebook -

    Oscar vs The baddies

    or at

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  • Birthday boy pays it forward -Tune in tonight at 7pm The Project     26 February 2020
    Posted by: Judy Rooney
    Main image

    Our brave fighter turned the big 5 yesterday 🥳

    Today his daddy’s mate Cam & his son Harper meet Ben Harper with Jeremy Corbett to sign a gig poster for Oscar!!

    It’ll be on The Project tonight at 7pm.

    They’ll auction the poster off on behalf of Oscar to raise funds to support Starship Foundation.

    Paying it forward.


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  • Boxing Alley Fight Off The Baddies      14 February 2020
    Posted by: Judy Rooney
    Main image

    Boxing Alley are running a special fundraising class at 9am this Saturday (15th)

    So come along and join us to beat up these baddies!!

    Entry to the class is a donation of your choice.

    Also Albie (boxing trainer) will box 51 consecutive rounds to help fight the baddies for Oscar as will Phillip at Bondi Boxing Gym in Australia!!

    Thanks so much to the team at Boxing Alley, we hope to see some of you there :-)

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  • Good days and Bad      11 February 2020
    Posted by: Judy Rooney
    Main image

    Our little fighter has had some good days and some bad days.

    Unfortunately, all to be expected in this journey, but he is being such a Brave Boy!

    As we fight these Baddies sadly, we are taking out all the goodies (for now anyway).

    Because of this Oscar is now on a feeding tube to help and is what they call “neutropenic” which basically means all the cells that help the body fight infection are at really low levels.

    Because of this we have had to restrict visitors to only family and believe me we all have rules too!

    It’s all about what’s best for Oscar &

    getting the Baddies.

    We continue to be overwhelmed by the support that has been shown to Oscar, his mum and dad and the entire family, with people running for miles, cooking meals, cleaning, donating to our give a little page and the amazing event coming up in Papamoa on the 1st March to name a few things.

    We hope over time that we can make contact with a lot more of you, but as you can imagine our focus is on the Oscar and the baddies!

    Please if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to get in touch with Judy Rooney direct.

    Overwhelmed and Humbled, lots of love Oscar &

    his Baddie fighting crew xx

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  • Ice Blocks with Monkey     5 February 2020
    Posted by: Judy Rooney
    Main image

    Soo many test, but sometimes Oscar gets to have an iceblock afterwards.

    Today Monkey hung with him after is Lumbar Puncture ;-)

    Such a Brave Boy

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  • Gratitude      2 February 2020
    Posted by: Judy Rooney

    Gavin & Sarah are deeply humbled by the outpouring of generosity, kind words and donations to Oscar’s page.

    Donations have come from far and wide, from friends, family, colleagues, daycares, business, friends of friends, family of friends and people that we have seen for some time.

    While nothing will make the baddie fighting medicine any easier, knowing that there is so much love & support makes everyone stronger to keep the fighting the fight.

    On behalf of our family, we would like to thank each of every one of you for your donations, support and comments. We will ensure that Gav, Sarah and Oscar get to see each message when they can.

    The goodies are going to win!


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