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Help the Hill family grieve Otis

on 11 Oct 2023

Kylie asks

Hi Jodie, I work for a charity called TimeOut. We connect generous holiday homeowners all around the country who are willing to donate a stay to a person diagnosed with an incurable illness so that they can spend quality time together and make special memories.

If Otis and his family are interested in applying or just want to find out more, we would love to help if we can (just keeping in mind that we are a small charity, so we are unable to guarantee we can find you something suitable but we will try our best). Recipients can apply online at or email with any questions. Take care.

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on 21 Feb 2023

Ann-Kaisarina asks

Hello, Jodie & all of Otis's support team,

What is the actual prognosis to date? Which options of treatment have been decided upon?

As I'm researching multiple options for rare cancer treatments as an inflicted being myself, I'm highly interested in all - side effects, managing pain, social life, family balance etc etc besides the long wait for supportive treatment. Oh, what was happening in his life during the years leading up to the diagnosis? There is often little said about the "inconveniences" that occur.


from a fellow rare cancer gladiator.

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on 7 Sep 2022

New asks

Hi Jodie, I recently met the lovely Mary-Ann Green and CEO Mark from the Hugo Charitable Trust. Their trust gives money to people in need for medical treatments and the likes. Id highly recommend applying for a donation from them. They are incredible people. All the best. Jo Ruddenklau


Thank you so much Jo! I have passed this onto Rachel and Tyson x

Tyson Hill
on 16 Aug 2022

Susan asks

Kia ora,

I am a researcher at the University of Otago ( I have been studying medical crowdfunding. I have mostly been exploring this topic through interviews and case studies, but as I have an interest in creative writing and visual art, I also use this as a way to explore the topic.

I am writing to ask permission (from yourself and Otis) to use a photo from this campaign, in a stained glass art project I am working on. If you gave permission, I would paint a black & white version of the photo onto a piece of glass the size of a smartphone. This would be displayed alongside aprox 12 other images on the same size piece of glass. Accompanying this would be some quotes from participants in my survey, and a general explanation about the topic of medical crowdfunding.

The goal of the exhibit is to get people to think about empathy, care and charity… how they respond (or not) to people telling their stories and asking for help online.

At this stage I plan to show the stained glass images as part of a presentation at an academic conference in Seattle, and another in Wellington, in November. I may also show it at other academic conferences, and/or a small exhibition as part of Dunedin’s Fringe Festival in 2023. The images will potentially also be published as part of academic articles or essays. a

If you do decide to give permission, you could chose either for the image to be presented anonymously, or to have Otis' name included, in which case I will put it in the acknowledgements whenever I show the art piece.

As a thank you, I would send you a small gift voucher.

Additionally, if you might like to tell me a little bit about the photo (where/why it was taken, and why you chose this particular picture for the campaign) I would love to talk to you over phone or Zoom. This might take between 15 mins and half an hour, and could be scheduled at a time of your choosing. But you are welcome to indicate permission for me to use the photo, but say you DON'T want to do the short interview …there's no pressure to do both.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration. You can contact me via this email address:

Wishing you well


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on 7 Mar 2022

David asks

Kia ora Jodie; I went overseas for cancer treatment, and have worked with other families who have had to do the same - please let me know if the family would like to discuss. I also see there are some clinical trials for the same cancer treatment I had, at Seattle Children's Hospital.

David Downs


Hi David, thank you so much! Steve Holmes will be giving you a call shortly.

Tyson Hill
on 6 Mar 2022

Sandra asks

Hi Jodie. I do not have the ability to support the family financially, however I would like to offer support and treatment (at no cost) to Otis. I am a Bioresonance Practitioner, and over half of my patients have various forms of cancer. Could I ask you to share my website with the family, and offer them the opportunity to get in touch with me to find out more. I can also put them in contact with long term cancer patients of mine, for testimonials etc. I am also a mum of a 15 and 12 yr old and can only imagine what they are going through. I would love to be able to support them through the chemo process and beyond. My contact details. 021886822 or Sent with love. Sandra. X

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