Otis’s Fight with Cancer

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Help the Rasch-Hill Family to Fight Cancer


Our good friends Rachel and Tyson received news that is every parents worst nightmare. Their 15 year old son Otis has a very rare form of cancer, and is Stage 4.

Incidentally found by Otis’s GP, and given only an hour to pack their bags and leave for Christchurch, they have had to leave their home, jobs and their daughter/sister - Isa (8), back in Wellington. They are embarking on the unknown and their sole focus is Otis and his upcoming treatment and recovery.

Otis is an incredible young man! Otis is wickedly funny. He is kind, gentle and a deep thinker. He LOVES music and his guitar is an extension of his body.

He loves his family and friends and always puts them first, especially his little sister. Otis will one day be an audio engineer.

Rachel, Tyson, Otis and Isa are the most beautiful family unit, and are going through the hardest time of their lives. Your donations, support and prayers are received with grace and appreciation beyond words. We are all beside the Rasch-Hill family so they can fight this cancer and bring Otis home safe and well.

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Rachel and Tyson have been our very good friends for years.

Use of funds

The donations will be used to help alleviate the burden of not receiving any income and to allow them to pay their costs back home, so they can focus on Otis. They have been uprooted from their city, their incomes and separated from their daughter.

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5 Days On A Drip…  27 July 2022

Hi friends and family. Otis is half way through his second round of chemo. He’s still tolerating the treatment but the 5 day stays are hard for him mentally. I imagine any 15 year old would struggle with being hooked up to a drip 24/7 for 5 days. So we’re trying to find ways to keep his spirits up while there. We’re taking his guitar in, setting up friends to visit and trying our hardest to get his own room. I’ve offered to teach him backgammon but he won’t have a bar of it 😩. Scans were sent overseas and I had calls back to say that we had sent the wrong scans (major stuff up). But we have the right scans now and are sending them away today. No one’s fault just human error at the hospital. I don’t blame them they are so understaffed and working their butts off at the moment.

This pic is of our newest family member. His name is Iggy 🥰

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Latest donations

Siobhan on 06 Aug 2022
Keep positive Otis and family ❤️
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 06 Aug 2022
Kia kaha young man. You're inspiring.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 06 Aug 2022
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 28 Jul 2022
Keep up the battle Otis!
Clare on 18 Jun 2022
take care Rach and family

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