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Out and About With Kids in Hawkes Bay

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Gabby Evans and Out and About With Kids in Hawkes Bay have tirelessly given their time and effort to a cause that now needs your support.

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Gabby Allen has been running Out and About with Kids in Hawkes Bay in a completely voluntary role for over four years. Her OAO Facebook page reaches 200,000 families a week. She and her community have collected over $200,000 worth of food, toys, woman’s essentials and toiletries as well as receiving 100’s of messages a day on her FB page, which serves as a massive community notice board. It’s now time to give Gabby something back. In her own words....

BIG DECISIONS.. So I've decided.. after 6 months of Jammies for June... and pumping $60,000 into the economy.. and the hours and days and nights and months I commit to this and other stuff I can't even tell you about because it's so raw and hard (?yes OAA deals With the tough stuff)..and all the other work I do and all the sharing of posts and events and rentals and everything in between that I think I will accept a givealittle page. It's that or "give up a little". So to those who offered I've decided to say yes. This is more than a full time job now. I love it but can't sustain it financially. Until I get some more support by way of banner sponsorship or the like or lotto. Lots of stressful sleepless nights wondering what direction to take I feel my family deserve to not have our own resources depleted on many levels. OAA needs a boost. Please don't suggest admins.. that will not help at the moment. Xx so for those who have suggested this and those that can afford a $1 to help me keep this valuable community resource going I thank you. I think my pride will have to sit aside for this and I will accept and ask for some help xxx G

Funds raised on this page will be used by Gabby at her sole discretion. She will use it for admin support,

reimbursement for costs incurred by her in running this organization and yes actually some payment for her time and efforts. Depending on the amount raised there may be enough money to go towards forming a non profit with staff and salary support. We are open to ideas but the initial fund raising is purely a chance to say thank you to Gabby.

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Out and About with Kids is a forum for parents to reach out on-line for support, to form social connections, share ideas, events, chat!

Join me – a proud Napier Mum who loves Hawkes Bay, it’s people, my family, the community, and supporting others via Facebook. Out and About with Kids is a forum where we can connect, chat, share ideas and support each other in our role in bringing up the next generation in a place we can all be proud of – our beautiful area of New Zealand.

All funds raised benefit:

Out and About with Kids in Hawkes Bay

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Gabby Evans on behalf of Out and About with Kids in Hawkes Bay.

  • $6,906.00 donated
  • 298 generous donors

$6,906 donated

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This cause page was created on 12 Sep 2017 and closed at 17:00 NZST (UTC +12:00) on 31 Oct 2017.

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