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Overseas Cancer Treatment for Andrew

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$1,527 of $55,000 goal

Given by 35 generous donors in around 9 months

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The love of my life has limited options to recover from cancer. We need to urgently raise the funds to get him the treatment he needs.

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  Manawatu / Whanganui

11th August 2018, 4am

Our lives changed in one instant.

At around 2am Anaru had pains in his side where his liver is. The pain was so bad he asked me to take him to the emergency ward. He had an x-ray and they found dark spots on his liver. Another x-ray with dye showed 15 lesions; and this was a secondary malignancy...the search was now on for the primary source. He was admitted into hospital where blood samples were taken for testing and a biopsy was planned. 

After quite a few weeks of waiting, tests, more tests, and trying anything and everything to make it go away we are faced with these facts:


In short, the diagnosis is Neuro-endocrine cancer that has metastasized to the liver. They cannot find the primary place (where the cancer started) because it has moved on and is no longer there. They believe it probably started in the bowel but they cannot be certain. They believe it travelled through the blood, but again this is not conclusive.

What IS conclusive is that it is in his liver and his best treatment options is only available in Australia at this stage.

A very powerful treatment which is getting excellent results, and of course is privately paid for - to the amount of $50,000. 

For those who don't know this journey, and I truly hope it is most of you, this is not an easy road to walk.

Not only are you literally staring at your own mortality, you are completely overwhelmed with choices. Both medical and alternative ways to go and what to do.

Anaru keeps to s low sugar diet and takes medicinal herbs as a supplement.  We know that the medical profession believe the treatment in Australia is his best option; so we are striving to get him there as soon as possible.  The urgency is clear as every day the tumours grow larger, so the sooner we can get him the treatment the better.

Any and every donation is truly appreciated and one step closer to our goal of complete wellness for Anaru.

We truly appreciate you all x


Stacey Austin


Stacey Austin's involvement (page creator)

He is my partner and I will do anything I can to help in his recovery

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Medical costs of treatment

Air fares and motel bills while overseas

Living costs and catching up on spiraling overdue bills due to the diagnosis

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So Upset with Facebook right now...  23 July 2019

After running a Facebook fundraising campaign alongside the Givealittle page Facebook has taken that fundraiser down and refunded all donations to the people who gave so generously to our cause!

I have no clue what rule we broke or violated but this is a big kick in the guts!

Nearly $900 gone!

So we are now asking these wonderful people to donate the amount into the givealittle page once they receive the refund.

We are so happy with Givealittle and how it works. We recommend staying with this for any fundraising you may do in the future.

Many thanks to you all...and on we go.

Have a great day

Stacey and Anaru


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  • Emily Miller

    Emily Miller 1 day ago


    Praying for you and the complete healing of Andrew. With thanks to my Touchstone Crystal Customers, here are some funds raised from my last catalog party - gems for a cause!


  • David & Kimberly

    David & Kimberly on 15 Jul 2019


    Peace, love & healing vibrations


    • Stacey Austin

      thank you so much for your kind donation. It truly is appreciated xx

  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 12 Jul 2019



    • Stacey Austin

      thank you so much for your kind donation x

  • Dianne

    Dianne on 12 Jul 2019


    Sending love and healing xxx


    • Stacey Austin

      thank you so much for the donation, love and healing x

  • Liam

    Liam on 11 Jul 2019


    It's not much but I hope it helps x


    • Stacey Austin

      it is wonderful. thank you very much indeed!

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$1,527 of $55,000 goal

Given by 35 generous donors in around 9 months

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