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Please Bring My Brother Home - Updates - Givealittle

  • He's Here!     4 October 2019
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    Finally he's home!! We haven't stopped talking. My mum was confused initially but eventually understood it was John. We had to show her photos of us all together, as kids, growing up and she realised and hugged and kissed him, amazed he was in front of her eyes! The joy this has brought her is priceless, the comfort it has brought us all having him safe and sound is priceless...all I have for you is a big THANK YOU!!♥️🦄♥️🦄

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  • ONLY 4 MORE SLEEPS!!     30 September 2019

    He really is coming home!!

    His ticket is booked. We didn't reach our target, we were just over $500 short, but very kindly a family member let us put it on their credit card and I can pay it off, thank heavens! Things have become highly charged in South Africa and I think the timing of this has been an incredible universal synchronized event.

    Everyone has been so kind and so supportive at giving John a life, a chance at life again, sometimes that's all we need. And a big hug. That's what I keep playing over in my mind, when I first get to see him and hug him. I will be able to look into his eyes and say truly that he is home, this is where he belongs, where he is needed, where his family is.

    We can support each other through life and celebrate the good times together too!

    So thank you again, from me, from my family, we are full of gratitude and wonder at life, she suprises us all the time...♥️🙏 Thank you again Earth Angels, you fill my heart with hope 🥰

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  • Hopeful and Helpful     20 September 2019

    I've chatted with John a few times now and will continue to do so until he's home here, talking face to face! If it wasn't for my absolutely amazing Earth Angels this wouldn't be happening. My brother and I, and my family, have been so grateful for all the prayers, positive words and well wishes. Besides the financial gratitude there is a part of my heart that has been refreshed, filled and given hope. That's only because of the generosity shown by family, friends and strangers, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    John has been keeping busy at the Thomas House of Hope, fixing windows and helping where he can. It's wonderful, when chatting with him, to see how the tension is leaving his face and his body. He is relaxing and starting to realize we love him and want him home - his home and that he's part of our family.

    My brother will come home!♥️

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  • The Latest Joyful Event!     15 September 2019

    My brother and I spoke for over 2 hours last night. He made up engaging and funny stories to make it seem not so bad that he had survived living out of dustbins, off the streets and in the bush. Wondering why he was still alive and what had happened to him. We laughed and cried, it was amazing and also terribly sad to see him. In the latest picture I've uploaded, he looks haunted, although clean, shaven and sporting a new haircut thanks to the South African Earth Angels that have been supporting him. I'm forever grateful to the Thomas House of Hope in Somerset West and to the amazing Vanessa and Courtenay who have taken him into their hearts and their home. I feel truly blessed for all the support, my sister has feverishly annoyed all those she knows to contribute in any way too, thank you my SupaSista ♥️ and to all of you beautiful sharing, kind people!

    So we are waiting on John's passport to be couriered to him so we can book a ticket and get him home finally! I almost can't believe it's actually going to happen! Blessings to you all, you have generously showered me, thank you! We're almost there!

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  • The start of John's journey home.     12 September 2019

    John's been located and being picked up as I write this. The generous spirit of the Thomas House of Hope in Somerset West, a charity organization, will give him a bed and a meal until he flies once I get the funds. He is emaciated, filthy and his spirit is very low. I'm desperate to get him on a plane and get him home. I can't thank you enough for helping. We are a third of the way there. The cheapest flight is approx $1500. So I stay focussed and determined to get my brother home.

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  • My gratitude     10 September 2019

    I'm absolutely blown away by people's generosity, thank you rings hollow... I actually believe I will get my brother home now! There is no price on making dreams come true, there is no amount of thank you's. I have a chance to bring my family together again and to make a difference too. As you all have!

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