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Please consider helping the dogs in desperate need in Marrakech

  • Transferring money to "Help Adopt Moroccan Animals”     23 August 2020
    Posted by: Peter Leutenegger

    With no end in sight to the problems with flights, closed borders & lockdown it now seems very unlikely that i will be unable to get to Marrakech this year, which is very disappointing as well as frustrating.

    I was so looking forward to helping at "Help Adopt Moroccan Animals" rescue shelter, but for the next little while it’s just not going to be possible.

    I have decided it would be best to send all the money that was donated to the rescue shelter as they are struggling more than ever at the moment. I will transfer the money to them tomorrow.

    I want to thank everyone that has donated, it is so appreciated & will help the shelter enormously.

    I will post photos & a further update as soon as i hear how Ibtissam has used the money, but i know that they have many dogs that require sterilising & as well as requiring vaccinations and flea & worm treatment, they are also behind in their vet bills.

    I’m still hoping to be able to go to Marrakech next year, but i’m just going to have to wait until the worlds problems Covid 19 are under control.

    Again, to all those that supported me, donated, & shared my posts THANK YOU SO MUCH


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  • Hoping to travel in September     17 July 2020
    Posted by: Peter Leutenegger

    It’s been a hard & frustrating time for everyone, however flights to Europe have recently resumed and the borders in Morocco are expected to reopen shortly. I’ve been talking with my travel agent & I’m looking to book flights as the soon as the date to reopen the Moroccan borders has been confirmed. I’m so looking forward to visiting the rescue shelter and I will do as much as possible to make a better life for the dogs.

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  • Trip further delayed     15 May 2020
    Posted by: Peter Leutenegger

    Due to many countries in lockdown & flights not being available due to Covid19, i have no option but to push my trip to help the dogs in Marrakech further back. As soon as flights become available & its safe to travel i'll be heading off to help.

    Hopefully I can get some more donations to help these beautiful, (but much in need of help) dogs at the rescue centre in Marrakech.

    Remember all donations go to help the dogs, i'm paying all my own costs. Peter

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  • Trip delayed until mid May     18 March 2020
    Posted by: Peter Leutenegger

    Due to the Coronavirus causing worldwide havoc with international travel, including flights to be cancelled and borders to be closed I have had to postpone my trip to “helping the dogs in Marrakech”. I have changed my flights until 16th May & i’m very hopeful everything will have settled down by then.

    The positive side to this is that it gives me some more time to raise some more money for these much in need, beautiful dogs.

    No matter what happens, the dogs in Marrakech will be getting 100% of the money donated.

    Thanks so much to everyone that has donated & supported me, I am so very grateful


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