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Please consider helping the dogs in desperate need in Marrakech

Closed Cause page created in the Animals category by Peter Leutenegger for "Rescue dogs at "Help Adopt Moroccan Animals""

$1,890 donated
Given by 18 generous donors in around 7 months

The dogs at "Help Adopt Moroccan Animals" are in desperate need of shelter, food & vaccinations

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Street dogs in Marrakech have a very hard life, having to beg for food scraps, while trying to keep safe from people they are unable to trust, and trying to find shelter from the harsh weather conditions. 

Some dogs are hit by vehicles and many more are beaten or attacked by locals.

Many of the sick & injured dogs end up at Help Adopt Moroccan Animals, a not-for-profit rescue centre in Marrakech. The centre operates solely from donations (which there is never enough), with no government or council funding. Ibtissam & her small team of volunteers do an incredible job feeding and caring for the animals, in very difficult conditions and with few resources. 

The rescue centre currently has 96 dogs & 45 cats. All the animals are very loved, however it’s a continual struggle to pay for food, let alone pay for veterinary care or any special requirements. Life can be hard, and unfortunately some days the animals go without food.

 Shelter is also a problem. There is not enough shelter from the sun in the summer or protection from the heavy rain in the winter.

 Many animals have not been immunised, and it’s not uncommon for dogs to die from Parvo or distemper.

I’m going to Marrakech to volunteer at Help Adopt Moroccan Animals for seven days at the end of March 2020. I am paying all my own costs, and 100% of all money donated will be used to help the animals.

I will be staying at the shelter, so no time will be wasted in daily travel.

I am determined to achieve as much as possible, and to give the animals at Help Adopt Moroccan Animals a better life.

I can’t do this without help, so please consider supporting me. 100% of donations will be spent on building materials, vaccinations & dog food.

I will be posting details of my work in Marrakech on my facebook page (Peter Leutenegger), so you can see the difference your donation makes.


Peter Leutenegger's involvement (page creator)

I’m going to Marrakech to volunteer at "Help Adopt Moroccan Animals" to build kennels & shelter as well as vaccinate the dogs & provide dog food.

Use of funds

Funds will be used to:

·       build kennels & shelter so the dogs will have their own place to feel safe in & have protection from the weather

·       vaccinate dogs

·       provide dog food

Latest update

Transferring money to "Help Adopt Moroccan Animals”  23 August 2020

Posted by: Peter Leutenegger

With no end in sight to the problems with flights, closed borders & lockdown it now seems very unlikely that i will be unable to get to Marrakech this year, which is very disappointing as well as frustrating.

I was so looking forward to helping at "Help Adopt Moroccan Animals" rescue shelter, but for the next little while it’s just not going to be possible.

I have decided it would be best to send all the money that was donated to the rescue shelter as they are struggling more than ever at the moment. I will transfer the money to them tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone that has donated, it is so appreciated & will help the shelter enormously.

I will post photos & a further update as soon as i hear how Ibtissam has used the money, but i know that they have many dogs that require sterilising & as well as requiring vaccinations and flea & worm treatment, they are also behind in their vet bills.

I’m still hoping to be able to go to Marrakech next year, but i’m just going to have to wait until the worlds problems Covid 19 are under control.

Again, to all those that supported me, donated, & shared my posts THANK YOU SO MUCH


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Latest donations

Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 19 Mar 2020
Peter Leutenegger

Thank you so much, i'm so grateful for your support

Peter Leutenegger
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 16 Mar 2020
Peter Leutenegger

This will help the dogs so much, thank you for being so kind & generous

Peter Leutenegger
The Toy Shop
The Toy Shop on 11 Mar 2020
Peter Leutenegger

Thank you very much, its really appreciated

Peter Leutenegger
Olive on 10 Mar 2020
Peter Leutenegger

Thanks Olive, it's really appreciated

Peter Leutenegger
Rob on 10 Mar 2020
wish u all the best Pete.
Peter Leutenegger

Thanks heaps Rob, you are always so generous

Peter Leutenegger

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Created by, and paying to a verified bank account of, Peter Leutenegger on behalf of Rescue dogs at "Help Adopt Moroccan Animals"

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