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Supporting the children of Emerald Tai

  • jennyredhen

    Jennifer asks

    Hi Susan I am sure your family would be eligible for an ACC payout for both the death of your lovely daughter and your darling little grandson. I know this sounds mercenary but you must go to community Law and ask their advice. Alternatively Ring ACC.. or contact your local MP. I know money can never bring them back but it can help.. maybe you can find a specialist ACC lawyer??? If I was in Auckland I would assist but I am not unfortunately. Please let me know how you get on.. Much Love to you.

    on 6 Aug 2020

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  • b8e816a712f2428087da721c08a66525

    susan asks

    Hi Susan when will the money go to the children I imagine their father could do with the help now.?

    on 16 Apr 2020

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  • a322f6878adc4daebb01a1c2d6f3da82

    Laura asks

    Hi Susan. My name is Laura, and I'm a journalist at Newshub. I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter and grandchild. I would like to speak with you further about your daughter. You may not be ready to do so but if you are I would like to give you the opportunity to talk and to help with your give a little page too.

    on 18 Mar 2020

    • Susan Fa'amoe


      Thankyou so much Laura yes I would really appreciate that it's hard for me right things down but I would really appreciate your help could you please call me 021820323

  • f85fdafeaec6445daf75dc17511f2e7a

    Kendall asks

    Hi Susan. I'm a reporter with Stuff. So sorry for your loss. We would like to do a story to try and help with the Givealittle page for Emerald's children. Other media have just written of the page, but we want to give you the opportunity to talk. I look forward to your reply.

    on 18 Mar 2020

    • Susan Fa'amoe


      Hi Kendall it's me Susan I would really appreciate that my number is 021820323 of u could please call me because I would really appreciate doing another story in repect for my daughter Emerald give a little page please I don't know who put up the photo's of the mob but me an my daughter is gangsta Iam just a mum trying to do my best for the children an I go to the Avondale Christian center were I have been going for more than 8 years I look forward to hearing from you many blessings an God bless

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