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Please give generously to fund critical cancer treatment for our beloved Tanu Richardson

  • Putting out an urgent call for funds for Tanu     25 April 2019
    Posted by: Kusum Williams

    We would like to thank everyone who is contributing to getting Tanu’s urgent message out on their social networks, and to everyone who has generously donated. It is kind of you and we have been overwhelmed by your response. Thank you.

    The last few weeks have been awesome, with lots of family and friends making contact. Tanu has met recently with Hospice. They are looking to support her current needs and make her as comfortable as possible so that she can pursue all avenues including getting to the NIIM’s Clinic in Melbourne.

    Now more than ever, we are putting the call out for critically needed funds for Tanu, for non-funded natural and medical cancer treatments. To make this possible please give whatever donation you can, and share this Givealittle page on your social networks.

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