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Please help Barbara on her road to recovery💕

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Please help out a real life legend get back on the road again. Not many can say they have been through what Barb's has in the last 4 months.

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My mother Barbara has been to hell and back in the last 4 months. She has had 2 open heart surgery, abdominal surgery, dialysis treatment and surgery on her left leg due to cellulitis which, is an infection.

This all started on June14th from a blood infection known as sepsis. Prior to the last 4 months she has suffered from multiple strokes over the last 18 years, which has left Barb's left side of her body weak and her arm paralyzed. Also not to mention her first open heart surgery, so now that marks 3 open heart surgeries. However as she likes to say "You can't kill a weed" and she is living proof of that.

However, we have now come to the realization that she will soon be coming home and is in desperate need of a reliable vehicle to get her to and from doctors appointments, physio and for her stomer specialist appointments. Because, just before lock down in May a head gasket blew on her 4x4 and she finds it difficult to get out of my little hatchback, I have to help her out of my car.

Also a few up grades are needed at her house like ramps for her door ways and stairs, decent handrailing and hand rails in her bathroom and toilet. One last item, I know Barb's would like is a new bed that would make her life alot more easier, if her bed was higher off the ground.

Please help out a real life survivor who's favorite motto is "YOU CAN’T KILL A WEED".


in advance to all who donate it is much appreciated.

Shavorn Elliot's involvement (page creator)

I am Barbara's daughter.

Use of funds

Well be use on getting a reliable vehicle first and foremost.

Then upgrades of her home and last if there is enough funds a new bed.

Should there be any extra it will be use towards gas, parking and up keep of the vehicle.

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