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Please help Darrell (Daz) be there for his young family

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    Chrissie asks

    Hi Karsha

    My husband (now ex husband, but we are still good friends) is alive more than 18 years since his terminal bladder cancer diagnosis. He also travelled to the US for what was at the time, clinical trial treatment (not MD Anderson but Massachussets General, where several Harvard Medical teams run clinical trials)

    I can't give money as such, but am happy to talk about the complementary holistic things we found really effective (intravenous Vit C and meditation are two, which I am delighted to see Daz is already using). Also our experiences of travelling back and forth to the US for testing and treatment.

    I live now, just out of Matakana in a villa with lovely garden and views. We have two guest rooms, sharing a full (walk in shower and clawfoot bath) ensuite. We'd be delighted to showt petrol vouchers, a meal out or movie tickets, babysit the kids, whatever.... if Daz's family would like a few days in a different space not far from Auckland. Let me know if any of this might be interesting/helpful.

    Kindest regards, Chrissie Anderson, ph 0211718976

    on 22 Jul 2020

    • Karsha Taka


      Oh Chrissie thank you so so much for reaching out! Daz and his family would love to learn more about the journey you had and any help / advice knowledge shared would be amazing! I will pass on your number to Daz and Nancy! Thank you so so much! They are a very special family with so much love and kindness - breaks my heart to know they battling this but they are both strong and positive and will beat this! I hope your ex husband and you are both healthy and well... warm regards, Karsha

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