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We need YOU! Cancer is messing with our MUCH LOVED DESRAE

Cause page created in the Health category by Glenda Tuaine for Desrae Ngatai

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Seeking your support to fund her treatment for ovarian cancer!

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Here is Desrae's story in her own words:

"I knew something was afoot when I didn’t feel like a tipple while at a friend’s BBQ over the Labour Day long weekend (Oct 2016) and my stomach started becoming bloated.

Following an ultrasound and further testing, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3C. In December, I started nine rounds of chemotherapy (Paclitaxel and Carboplatin) with “interval debulking surgery”, in between.

Think - nuke, shrink, remove as much of the tumour as possible, then nuke again to be sure you get as much of the bugger as you can!!!

To support my healing, I took bold steps as I did not want this thing to take over the essential me. So I overhauled my life and diet to saint-like qualities- no sugar, alcohol or coffee and eating predominantly organic, plant-based food, regular exercise and lots of sleep.

By June 2017, I’d earned my chemo stripes as it were. All of the people who live with cancer know what I am talking about, sadly the stripes we all wish we didn't have. I welcomed a break from it all knowing that the tumour had responded well to treatment and had reduced considerably. I celebrated by completing the Kāpiti Women’s Triathlon…..I know get me!, but I wanted to celebrate living.

From then on my life has been one of being monitored regularly by the medical profession, but in June 2018 my cancer recurred. Soon after, I started another six rounds of chemotherapy (Gemcitabine and Carboplatin this time, for a bit of variety!). Last month, I was told that the chemotherapy hadn’t worked and that my last funded option for treatment is taking Etoposide (tablet form of chemotherapy) and intravenous Paclitaxel.

SO, as you can all imagine I am gutted but I am a fighter with a strong conviction that my health situation does not fit the “one size fits all” standard protocol offered by our health system.

I would appreciate some financial support to pay for my monthly treatments. As my illness is deemed “incurable” by the system, I would like to complement my conventional treatment, which I have to pay for, with metabolic and natural therapies."

Glenda Tuaine's involvement (page creator)

Desrae is one of my closest friends, she is like a sister me and I am committed to helping her Chris and Nikaia, raise money for her treatments against that dam Cancer!

Use of funds

The Funds will go towards prescribed drugs, supplements, and a specialised blood test which screens the efficacy of different chemotherapy agents and natural substances (so I can get the right sort), as well as intravenous vitamin C and ozone therapies.

Latest update

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Beautiful catch up email from my buddy Des.  18 September 2019

Words from Des

Been chugging along here, Chris has built and installed a wee wendy house, looking garden shed for a friend today and is gearing up to design and build a kitchen in Otaki. So all local work which is good. Miss has a couple of games left of the netball season and is looking forward to reclaiming her Saturday's again, although next month junior surf starts on a Sunday, so there goes that "weekend free" theory. She loves it none the less!

Have continued on with my 3 weekly Avastin and oral chemo tablets regime. My markers have been sitting quite high until recently.......when, I hear you say??? So I took myself off to a Zhineng Qigong four-day workshop with Master Xi in Welly. My osteo recommended the course as the type of Qigong (there's 3,000 different types of qigong!) -its similar to tai chi and uses meditation and slow movements which open up blocked energy and works on different parts of the body, its proven to assist people with different types of illnesses at all levels ie. chronic-terminal conditions. The creator of the modality Dr Ming Pang, was also involved in building the first medicine less hospital (near Beijing), where people practice the same method to rid their ailment.

So I take myself off to day 1, not really knowing what to expect and was appalled at amount of sweat that was pouring off me while doing (very) slow, flowing movements. I couldn't really meditate either as my brain kept flicking about. The short sleep after lunch (to aid digestion) was more manageable. The following days were a lot better as my body didn't scream at me whenever I did the bending down stretches, I'm sure if I'd done yoga my body would be more open to some of the exercises. Cut a long story short I've never felt as invigorated as I have done after that workshop. I'm standing a lot straighter, I've less brain fog and I'm getting about a lot easier. And Chris says (bless), I'm a lot easier to be around. Not sure what he means......

So I've been practicing the exercises since the workshop and there's a lady in Otaki that's moved up recently, whose keen to keep the practice up. And because I'm not really doing things by halves these days and I'm fuelled on by the fact that my tumour markers have dropped from 1400 to 700 (I had my bloods done 3 days after the workshop, pre Avastin shot), I am a Qigong convert.

Let's catch up on 17 Sept, my next appointment.

Pic is Dessy helping our Buddy Lesley clean up her yard after she finalised the sale of her house.

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  • Melissa

    Melissa 5 days ago


    Good luck with the treatment you need Desrae


  • Tina

    Tina on 19 Sep 2019



  • Dan

    Dan on 30 Aug 2019


    Go well Des! lots love.


  • Bev

    Bev on 17 Aug 2019



  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 15 Aug 2019


    Friend from LSH. Best of luck with your treatment.


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$63,427 of $80,000 goal

Given by 198 generous donors in around 6 months

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