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  • Update: 13 September 2019 – Unexpected and incredible NEWS!!!!!     14 September 2019
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    So, late this week, in a completely unexpected and unbelievable chain of events, it was confirmed that to our utter surprise, the pharmaceutical company who supplies the new drug that I have begun taking, has provided me with a compassionate access scheme.

    A compassionate access scheme means that the drug company has agreed to provide me with this drug FREE OF CHARGE!!!!! As you can imagine, we were and still are completely stunned and obviously delighted as we had no idea that this was even a possibility.

    I had asked about this before even making the decision to start taking this life saving medication and mentioned it to my oncologist (the oncologist has to request this from the pharmaceutical company) but it didn’t look hopeful as many others had tried before and failed.

    Unbeknown to us, the oncologist had submitted a request for this and much to his and indeed our surprise, they have agreed to supply me with this drug due to meeting certain conditions that were required, in terms of my medical situation and diagnosis.

    I am still a little vague on all of the specific details of this agreement but my basic understanding is that they will continue to supply this to me for as long as it continues to work. Each month, we need to reapply to get a new script.

    I can’t even begin to tell you what how shocked and surprised we were and just so incredibly relieved to hear this news!! It was truly the best news we have had in a very, very long time and just provides such a sense of relief to know that right now, finances will not be such a huge concern for us. I can keep focusing on my health and family and not worry about how we will afford to get the $11,000 for the next month’s supply to keep me alive! Just so, so grateful.

    Obviously, this now means that we will not need to keep asking for financial support as whilst we have had to cover the cost of the drug up until this point, hopefully it will be smooth sailing to get hold of it via the pharmaceutical company each month.

    We are so, so incredibly grateful to each and every person who has helped us to raise money on the GiveaLittle page, we couldn’t have managed without your support and feel blessed each and every day by the overwhelming generosity and support that has been shown to us. Such incredible people, all of you, who have contributed not only money but also the most beautiful comments and words. I couldn’t have asked for a better response or outpouring of love and support. In fact, whilst I would really rather not be fighting this awful disease, the one truly remarkable and memorable thing that has come out of all of this, is the kindness and goodness of people. Each and every moment of each and every day, I feel overwhelmed by this and truly lost for words.

    The much-appreciated donations have helped to cover the unfunded medication and medical tests to date. We cannot begin to explain how much it has helped my husband and I in this difficult time.

    Of course, going forward this will not be the end of the road in terms of medical costs for us as there are so few drugs which are funded by Pharmac for lung cancer and sadly the new government cancer initiatives do not address this in the current plan. I am hopeful that this will change over the years but to keep fighting, we are going to need to keep searching for the best options medically and try to utilise these to fight my cancer for as long as possible. Along with this, due to your generosity and the news of the compassionate access to the medicine, I feel that at least this will give me the opportunity to slow down at work as and when required, without feeling the burden of this. I can then spend valuable quality time with my family and friends.

    I have no idea what the future holds but I am optimistic and you have all helped me and my family tremendously. I am going to keep fighting, keep researching and keep positive along with taking each day as it comes.

    Kia Kaha

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  • Still continuing to be so thankful.....     28 August 2019

    I have now been taking the new medication for almost 2 weeks and all appears to be going well. I have had no adverse side effects and need to wait for a few more weeks before carrying out scans and tests to see what positive changes are happening within. I am optimistic that I will have great results when we do the scans.

    We are so grateful for all of the donations and messages that have come in and also for the amazing people and organisations who have arranged or carried out fundraisers for me. I will post details of these and photos soon but want to say a huge 'thank you' to everyone involved, you are amazing and we will do all that we can to assist with these fundraising efforts. The ideas are incredible, along with the energy that is going into organising these events. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxx

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  • Collective Strength.      18 August 2019

    It has been just over a week since we created this page for Diane. We never expected to reach nearly two months worth of funds within this short period of time. Your generosity, kindness, words of compassion, well wishes, prayers and support have been heartwarming, touching and humbling.

    I came across this Maori saying this week that sums up how we feel:

    E hara taku toa

    i te toa takitahi,

    he toa takitini.

    My strength is not

    as an individual,

    but as a collective.

    Much love to you and yours.

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  • New treatment starting tomorrow!     13 August 2019

    Hi, Diane again - thank you to all of you, Adam and i continue to be completely humbled by the generosity shown and the beautiful messages too. My new targeted therapy has been ordered and I hope to receive this and start taking it tomorrow. We are extremely positive and I am really hopeful that positive results will be realised for a long time to come xxxx Without your support, it would be almost impossible for us to afford this drug, so please know how truly grateful we are to each and every one of you xxx

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  • I am completely blown away by your generosity!     11 August 2019

    Hi, it is Diane. Just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' even though they seem like insignificant words - we are truly touched and so incredibly grateful to all of you for your beautiful words and generous donations.

    All of this still seems so surreal much of the time but please know that we do acknowledge all of your support and only wish there was another way to express it more meaningfully.

    I will endeavour to provide regular updates on my progress too, which I fully intend to be positive xxx

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