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Please help give Melissa the precious gift of time.

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Melissa (40) has inoperable pancreatic cancer, Treatment will give her more precious time with her husband and 4 children.

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Pancreatic cancer at just 40, A wife and a Mum to 4 children 13 and under. This is the every day life of my beautiful Sister in law Melissa. In May Melissa was feeling unwell, Her skin became yellow and she was taken to hospital. Over the next few weeks, alot of tests, awful procedures and scans later her world was turned upside down by a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Melissa has been undergoing 3 different types of Chemotherapy for the past 4 months in a bid to shrink the tumor in the hopes of surgery. Heartbreakingly the last scan showed no decrease in the growth and a shadow around the pancreas, This means it is now inoperable. Chemotherapy, The Vitamin C infusions and complimentary therapies that Melissa has been having are her last chance at more precious time with family.

The Vitamin C infusions help offset some of the horrendous chemotherapy side effects and also help with Melissa's quality of life at this time. They are also believed to slow the growth of the tumor and the spread of the cancer cells and also help treat infection.

These infusions and other complimentary therapies are not currently funded in N.Z for Cancer and Terminally ill patients and each high dose infusion costs $220. Melissa would require as many infusions as possible per week for her to experience the benefits and give her the best chance of having as much quality time with family as possible.

Please help us keep this beautiful soul here with her family where she belongs for as long as possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, From our family to yours.

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Melissa is my beautiful Sister in Law, Married to my eldest brother, Hayden and Mother to their 4 children.

Use of funds

The funds will be used to pay for Vitamin C infusions and complimentary therapies which are not currently funded in N.Z for cancer and terminally ill patients. Also the regular travel out of the district that Melissa has to do for these treatments.

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A thank you from Melissa ❤  5 December 2019

I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to every kind and generous person who has sent well wishes, shared and donated in the last week. My family and I are humbled by and so grateful for your love and support.

Thankyou x

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$14,846 donated

Given by 170 generous donors in 18 days

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