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Please help Lionel get the Non-Funded Cancer treatment he requires

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$40,000 of $40,000 goal

Given by 300 generous donors in around 3 months

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Lionel was diagnosed with Bowel cancer last year, please help to get him the cancer treatment he requires.

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Lionel Hopgood a former Canterbury Ram basketball player, a loving husband and father of two awesome children is playing the biggest game of his life and his opponent doesn't seem to lose often. But a with a little help from his team mates and supporters we can make sure he wins this one.

Lionel was diagnosed with bowel cancer late last year, he underwent surgery to remove the part of the bowel containing the tumor, the surgery was successful but unfortunately the cancer had already spread to his liver, he has had chemo therapy in the last four months which helped, but not enough to be able to perform the urgent surgery required to remove part of his liver that contains the cancer. The next play in this match is a medical treatment called SIRT which stands for Selective Internal Radiation Treatment, this treatment will hopefully stop the tumors growth which will then allow the removal of that part of the liver and give Lionel a chance to beat this.

SIRT is non-funded cancer treatment which has a cost of around $40,000, which includes getting Lionel up to Auckland for his treatment, if you can help by donating please do as every dollar counts.

Dean Le Warne's involvement (page creator)

I have known Lionel since primary school and we have been friends as well as team mates through basketball for a long time, he is a genuine person that has a big heart and is a great family man.

Use of funds

All funds will be used for the payment of SIRT, which is Selective Internal Radiation Treatment and getting Lionel to Auckland for this treatment

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And so it begins  1 July 2019

Lionel is heading up to Auckland at the end of this week for his initial consultation with the private clinic that performs the SIRT treatment and will return home this weekend hopefully with a date on when they can start the treatment. Thanks to all you awesome people that have donated its just incredible the response we have had and it has really helped take the pressure of Lionel and his family with one less thing to worry about. Lionel has been blown away with the generosity of his friends, current & past work colleagues, the basketball community and even complete strangers he cant thank you all enough.

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$40,000 of $40,000 goal

Given by 300 generous donors in around 3 months

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