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Please help Marvin

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Marvin needs surgery to amputate his left rear leg after completely busting his knee.

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Marvin was rescued as a feral kitten born under a wood pile in Alexandra 5 years ago. He means everything to myself and my partner Stephen.

Last night he came in from outside and made it very clear to us that something had happened to him and that he was in pain on his left hind leg. We rushed him to the after hour vets in Ngauranga Gorge where he underwent sedation and x-rays to find that he has busted his knee.

While it was found he had not fractured any bones, he has ruptured all the tendons and ligaments that hold the knee in place. The knee is currently horribly unstable and the 2 bones are dislocating and slipping/rubbing past each other with every movement he makes, causing pain.

The emergency vet indicated that this type of injury could only have happened from an awkward fall from a significant height as he had no other injuries.

2 months ago he broke one of his toes on his right front paw, we think again from a fall from a height and landing awkwardly. To get him sorted from that ordeal was not a cheap exercise right before Christmas last year.

Due to our current financial situation we are needing to raise some money to help cover his surgery costs. We are looking to raise around $1500.00 to cover a probable amputation of his rear leg and to pay my mum back the $582.14 it cost us last night for the emergency after hours vet visit.

The complicated surgery required to stabilize the joint plus ongoing aftercare is beyond our current financial capabilities, hence the reason for opting for the amputation option.

Currently he is comfortable resting at home with a long acting fentanyl patch for pain relief, until his surgery date this Tuesday 18th February 2020.

Marvin is a sweet boy and is a very much loved member of our family (we dont have kids so he is our child) and we want to have the best quality of life and outcome for him. We think he will cope just fine without a rear leg as he is a very adaptable boy.

If you can help Marvin, Stephen and i in anyway, wether it be sharing this page with others to get his story out there or helping out with a small donation we would be forever grateful.

Thanking you all in advance with much love

Marvin, Sarah and Stephen

Use of funds

The use of the funds raised will go directly towards his surgery costs at Huha Vets Stokes Valley and to my mum to help repay the cost of the emergency after hours vet visit last night.

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Marvin is doing great!  30 May 2020

Posted by: Sarah Cadwallender

Hi guys just thought I'd update you all on how Marvin has been getting on.

I have been taking Marvin out for walks on a harness every day with our other cat Jetta. Marvin loves going out and has been adapting to he 3 legged life well. We are still waiting for his hair to grow back which seems to be taking a lot of time.

Thank you once again to all that helped or contributed in some way

Lots of love from Myself, Stephen, Marvin and Jetta xox

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  • Jess

    Jess on 29 Feb 2020


    All the best on your recovery Marvin, may you heal well. All the best to family I can't imagine how this would be for you all. Xx


  • Ben

    Ben on 28 Feb 2020



  • Ashleigh

    Ashleigh on 28 Feb 2020


    Get well soon x


  • McLean Family

    McLean Family on 22 Feb 2020



  • Joy

    Joy on 20 Feb 2020



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$675 donated

Given by 31 generous donors in 14 days

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