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Please help me fundraise for my daughter Lily and her school

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I'm running to support my daughter with a very rare genetic disorder. All proceeds will go to her school as a thank you for all their care.

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As some of you will know, our wonderful Lily was born with rare genetic disorder. By rare I mean that she's the only one in New Zealand and one of only four worldwide that we know of. When she was born, we were told that she will never walk and talk (not something any parent ever wants to hear) but gosh hasn't she proven them all wrong! Lily walks and talks but it didn't happen without a lot of hard work from this tenacious and determined little battler - and from the love and unwavering support of her proud Mum, Dad and sister.

The hard work is not over yet and we realised that especially, when Lily started school six-months-ago. We're very lucky that Lily attends a great school. From the beginning, the school has worked with us on a plan to make Lily's life at school the best it can be. I feel extremely grateful to our Principal, all the teachers and all the children who are simply amazing. Now, this is all happening with minimal or no funding - and wouldn't be possible without the amazing magic that our Principal performs. Team Lily just keeps growing stronger and stronger - we're all working together, trying to get her and the other children with special needs at her school the support they all need and deserve.

Unfortunately, it will take some time before/or if we can get any further funding. In the meantime, I have decided to run a half marathon in Hawkes Bay on the 12th of May 2018 and fundraise for Woodlands Park school.

I'm taking this seriously! I started training six weeks ago and I'm running rain, hail or shine! I'm cutting down on alcohol - and those who know me will know that my relationship with the rose variety is strong and loving :) But not all is lost - I've put lots of planning into this and chosen a marathon that finishes in a vineyard!

So please come and run with me (did I mention that the marathon finishes at a vineyard?) or please donate for a very good cause that is very close to my heart.

Use of Funds:

The school will use the funds to support Lily and kids with other disorders and learning difficulties through a provision of teacher aid and relevant resources.

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Jani Alexander


Running a 1/2 marathon to fundraise money for Woodlands Park school to say thank you for all the support they give my daughter with a rare genetic disorder.

All funds raised benefit:

Woodlands Park School

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Jani Alexander on behalf of Woodlands Park School .

  • $9,060.09 donated
  • 138 generous donors

$9,060 donated

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