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Please help Selina Gilfedder (née O’Keeffe) get her cancer treatment.

Cause page created in the Health category by Claire Wayman for Selina Gilfedder

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Please help raise funds for Selina to give her more precious time with her family.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this page and your kind donation, no matter how small ❤️

This page is for our beautiful friend Selina (38). Loving wife to her husband Wayne, and devoted mother to their four boys ages 20, 18, 8 & 4 years old.

Selina spent New Year 2019 in hospital with suspected appendicitis. Unfortunately during the 5 1/2 hour operation, surgeons found a large foreign mass which had spread.

The family have been given the devastating and heartbreaking news that Selina has Stage 4 Colon Cancer. Their only option now is chemotherapy along with two possible drugs and time is of the essence.

The medical team have advised that the cancer is aggressive, inoperable & devastatingly incurable. By having the chemotherapy with these drugs, there is a greater chance of the chemotherapy shrinking & maintaining the cancer which will prolong the remaining time that Selina has with her loving family, including seeing her youngest start school.

Sadly these drugs are not funded by the Public Health Service in New Zealand, unlike in many other countries. The current estimate of these drugs is between $20,000 to $40,000 and this hard working family just can not afford to cover these costs.

We need your help to fund these drugs that will give Selina the time and support that she and her family need at this difficult time.

Every dollar raised will go towards the cost of treatment, including the administration of the treatment. Any money left over (I’m feeling hopeful) will be used by the family to cover bills etc to take some pressure off the family.

Selina has always been generous with her time & support within her family & the community and now it is our chance to give some time back to Selina.

Claire Wayman 's involvement (page creator)

Selina is one of my best friends & one of the strongest people I know. She’s always first to offer help to other people and now she needs to put herself first.

Use of funds

All funds raised will go towards the cost & administration of Selina’s cancer treatment. Any additional funds will go towards supporting the family through this difficult time, such as travel expenses, bills & parking.

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Chemotherapy - Round 12   8 August 2019

Round #12 and Selina is finally done with the OXI! Thats the horrible black bag hanging above her and it gives her the most side effects, so she’s super happy this is the last one!

Maintenance Chemo from here on in.

Thanks to everybody for all the support, there are too many people to thank xxx

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    Happy to help in a small way Selina ❤️


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    Great work guys!


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    Kia kaha ❤️


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$22,212 donated

Given by 219 generous donors in around 11 months

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