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Please Help! We are in desparate need for my Mom!

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$7,684 of $40,000 goal

Given by 216 generous donors in 20 days


Fundraising for my mothers treatment.

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This fundraising is for my mother Kamrunnisa Sheikh. She is here in NZ (Auckland) on visitors visa, usually quite healthy and independent however on 07th March 2020 (Saturday), she got severe pain in her abdomen and we had to rush her to local emergency GP and then to Middlemore Hospital where a CT scan was conducted. After examining the report Middlemore decided to transfer her to Auckland Hospital as no urologist was available on a Saturday. They found a kidney stone in the report.

After rushing her to ADHB around 11pm, within an hour doctors performed the surgery by putting in a JJ stent (this is a temporary fix, where they put in around 10inch tube to clear the urine pathway from kidney to urinary bladder). They found that the kidney was septic hence, removal of stone which is 8mm was not possible.

After the surgery she stayed in Critical Care unit for 2.5 days and then got transferred to normal ward. She has been discharged now and recovering well, however there is still a next procedure of removal of 8mm kidney stone in 3-5 weeks time.

I am really obliged with the service provided, however now comes the hard part.

Being on visitors visa and no insurance, we have to pay up the invoice. As per the invoice received for 8 days hospital care for 1st procedure is around $24,000 NZD and 2nd procedure may incur another $15,000 NZD.

I have never done this before in my life, but I have seen how New Zealanders have assisted people in the past. This amount is no where in our capacity to fulfill, hence this is a humble request from my family to assist us in this situation with whatever you can. We all would be lifetime debted out for your generosity.

Please Help Us!!!

Sameer Shaikh's involvement (page creator)

She is my mother.

Use of funds

Money would be spent on my mothers kidney treatment and paying up the hospital charges. Goal is of $40,000 NZD and any excess received will be used to fund other people in such need.

Latest donations

  • Adeeba

    Adeeba 3 days ago



    • Sameer Shaikh

      Many Many thanks Adeeba. May Allah SWT grant all your wishes and keep you and your family safe. Really grateful for your support and kindness. This really means a lot to us. May Allah SWT reward you in multiple ways for your generosity. Please keep supporting us by sharing this page with your friends and family. Regards Sameer Shaikh

  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor 4 days ago


    May Allah SWT grant your mum shifa and a quick recovery In Sha Allah.


    • Sameer Shaikh

      Alhumdulillah sister, JazaakAllah! Immensely appreciate your kindness and well wishes for my mother's health. May Allah SWT fulfill all your needs and keep you all safe. We pray for your wellness and prosperity. Please keep supporting us by sharing this page with your friends and family. Regards Sameer Shaikh

  • Rukshana

    Rukshana 4 days ago



    • Sameer Shaikh

      Thank you so much Rukshana, Greatly appreciate your help. Trust you are doing well and keeping safe. May God bless you and your family. Regards Sameer Shaikh

  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor 5 days ago


    As salaam o Alaikum, May Allah give the shifa soon Aameen


    • Sameer Shaikh

      Waleikum Assalaam my friend. JazaakAllah for your generosity and praying for my mother's wellbeing. This immensely means a lot and makes a huge impact on our current situation. May Allah SWT keep showering his blessings and reward you in multitudes for your kindness. Stay safe and strong. Regards Sameer Shaikh

  • Ron

    Ron 5 days ago


    Blessings to your Mum and family


    • Sameer Shaikh

      Thanks a lot Ron, We are grateful for your support and kindness. May God bless you and your family and keep you all safe. Trust you are keeping well Thanks for good wishes for my mum. Regards Sameer Shaikh

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$7,684 of $40,000 goal

Given by 216 generous donors in 20 days

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