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Please Support Anthony Ward and Family in his battle with Motor Neurone Disease.

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Your financial assistance is requested in helping Tony and his family ease their burden in his battle with Motor Neurone Disease.

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It is with a heavy heart that I request your assistance in helping my great friend Anthony (@Tony@Wardie) Ward and his family. I have been close friends with Anthony for nearly 30 years and can honestly say that he is one of the most loyal and kind people I know. He has a loving wife Sarah and 10 year old son Sam, who suffers from dyslexia. He has had many personal struggles in his life which he has overcome, but now he faces a likely insurmountable battle with Motor Neurone Disease. Anthony was diagnosed with the disease earlier this month (April 2019), after unusual symptoms continued to develop in the context of what was thought to be simply a back injury. Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a horrible and terminal disease where the sufferer's motor neurons degenerate and muscles waste away. Sufferers gradually lose all body motor function and eventually pass away. There is no known cure for MND. Clearly Tony cant work and, to add to this sad story, Tony was made redundant earlier in the year, so has no related benefits. Your financial assistance is requested in helping Tony and his family get through this terrible situation as comfortably as possible. Tony will require significant and increasing care through the progression of this disease and there are a number of things (e.g. a vehicle with wheelchair accessibility $25-30K) that will help to optimise his comfort and contentment in the time he has left. I ask that you open your heart and 'givealittle' where you can.

Corey LANE's involvement (page creator)

Sarah is my best friend Tony's wife. Tony has just been diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease which occurs in 0.000045% of the population and in all cases is terminal. Tony now cannot work and they have a young son, Sam. They are experiencing financial hardship, and will need some assistance to keep their head above water and buy the things necessary to make Tony's departure as comfortable as can be.

Use of funds

Living expenses and costs associated with Tony's comfort and care.

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Update and Thank you from Sarah, Tony and Sam  2 February 2020

Posted by: Corey LANE

We've finally figured out how to update you all! Firstly apologies for not being able to thank each and every one of you, individually but we are humbled by how amazing you all are. Please know your generosity has truly overwhelmed us, and helped in so many ways. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, it has meant so, so much.

We have been able to spend precious family time together, got Tony transported to social events and Sam's school trips and sport. We have been able to buy devices to assist with Tony's comfort and health, and for copious doctors visits. We were able to do a final trip to the North Island before he was too debilitated to travel far, which meant the world to us.

Your generosity has meant we have been able to cover additional expenses, especially medical ones. The biggest assistance has included one of his medications that is not funded specifically for people with MND. It alone is $1500 a month and it would not have been possible for him to continue with this if it was not for all your generosity.

Tony continues to battle MND bravely, but it has continued to take from him, as of January he is now losing movement in his neck muscles, he requires permanent bipap to support his breathing, and has no movement from the head down, but full pain and feeling. Tony is very fatigued, has a weakened voice, but can still speak and swallow.

Tony's indomitable spirit, and sense of humour has not wavered, and we are so lucky to be surrounded by the love and generosity of friends, family, caring health professionals and reminded just how generous every one we know has been.

Thank you too for everything you do for us, the meals, the gifts, the time, the care for Sam and Sarah as well, and the random and planned acts of kindness.

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  • Cat McDermott

    Cat McDermott on 09 Feb 2020


    Love to you all x


    • Corey LANE

      Thank you Cat

  • Tamera

    Tamera on 09 Feb 2020


    Such courage xx sending love and strength across the sea, Tam & family


    • Corey LANE

      Appreciate it Tam

  • Mark

    Mark on 09 Feb 2020



    • Corey LANE

      Cheers from Tony

  • Jennine

    Jennine on 09 Feb 2020


    Dad wanted to say thanks for the golf trolley loaner! Saved his back and he used it loads :)


    • Corey LANE

      Thanks and no worries from Tony

  • Wayne

    Wayne on 09 Feb 2020


    Miss you guys and wishing you all the best. Love, Wayne, Heidi and Harrison


    • Corey LANE

      You’re missed too, thanks guys

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$24,778 donated

Given by 114 generous donors in around 10 months

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