Predator Free Orapiu, Otakawhe and Pearl Bay

$88 of $10,038 goal
Given by 2 generous donors in one year

Together we can make the bottom end of Waiheke Island Predator Free.


My aim is to make 'The Bottom End' of Waiheke predator-free. It all started when we bought a house in Otakawhe Bay, and I realised that there was so much potential to make the area predator-free.

After reading about Te Korowai O Waiheke it inspired me to take action. I started with cleaning and resetting the existing traps on the property. Then I started to buy traps. So far we've bought close to 30 traps. But this simply isn't enough.

This is where you come in. Together I'd like to raise as much as possible for the remaining 42 traps. This would allow us to have a trap every 100 x 100 metres. At a cost of $199 each trap (total of $8358) and 42 refill packs of $40 each ($1680 for 42 packs), a total of $10,038.

The jumpstart of this project ahead of the rat eradication project around Omiha, Ostend, Whakanewha regional park. It will also give the 'Bottom End' a wildlife boost.

With your help we can reduce the amount of wildlife lost to rats each year, estimated to be over 47,000 birds a year.

Each $200 will buy a Goodnature A24 trap with Bluetooth capability. These traps will reduce the people power required to monitor them. You can also buy one for your backyard here . We can all play our part and help make New Zealand predator-free.

I'd just like to thanks all of you in advance. And hopefully one day you'll all be able to visit a predator-free Waiheke Island. The sooner the better.

P.S. Any additional funds will be given to the Te Korowai O Waiheke organisation.

All traps will be issued to property owners within the area specified.

Jason Bryant's involvement (page creator)

My involvement is to purchase and maintain all the traps. To speak to all of the property owners involved.

Use of funds

All of the funds will be used to buy traps. Ideally, we'd buy Goodnature A24 traps. These are automatic low-maintenance self-resetting traps but cost a lot more. Otherwise, we'll be purchasing Victor wooden tunnel traps. These traps are low-cost.

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Latest donations

Seira on 22 Jul 2021
Hope this helps a little x
Jayson on 22 Jul 2021

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