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Support Project EBC trekking to Everest Base Camp and rebuild house for a Nepal Family

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$5,632 donated

Given by 44 generous donors in around 8 months


Project EBC team challenges to support Everest Base Camp Expedition & help this Nepal family rebuild their earthquake-damaged house.

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  Canterbury Family Support Special Travel Marathon

**Update** October 10th

We have put ourselves through various challenges and races to help fund raise including

- 2017 Mt Cook Marathon (42km & 21km) completed $1,621.66 donated

Bette completed: full marathon

Tina/Mike/Ferg completed: half marathon

- 2017 CBD Stempede (5km obstacle run) completed

- Fergus is trekking the 3000km Te Araroa north island tracks...

- 2017 Summer Starter (10km) Nov 28

- What challenges do you want us to do?!


The Project EBC team (Mike, Tina, Ferg and Bette) will be on an expedition to Everest Base Camp next March. Along our journey, we will be helping this Sherpa family in Khumjung, Nepal to rebuild their earthquake-damaged home.

We ran the Mt Cook Marathon on 23rd Sep as a team, and we will continue to challenge ourselves physically and mentally through various activities, raise awareness, raise funds for the house rebuild and the team - inspire and be inspired.

Our motto is trekking with a mission, help one family and inspire one person at a time. Building a community and be a source of inspiration is all we care about.

So please follow us and like us on Facebook #ProjectEBC we also have upcoming activities for people who want to be involved.

Run For Mission's involvement (page creator)

I am part of the Project EBC team. I love a challenge, love helping people, and strive to be a source of inspiration.

Use of funds

We aim to raise $25,000, first an foremost the funds would go to the family house, then scholarship to the kids, and support the Project EBC team.

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Fergus's 3000km Te Araroa challenge   20 October 2017

Posted by: Tina Morrell, Mike Lowden, Bette (TingTing) Chen

2 weeks after Mt Cook marathon, Fergus has emarked his Te Araroa adventure.

While others at his age are partying hard out, Fergus wants to adventuring hard out, challenging himself physically and mentally. Especially with life challenges early in life, he felt these adventures make him stronger in his body, and his mind.

Don't ask for a lighter load, ask for a stronger shoulder. At #ProjectEBC, we don't like it easy~

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  • Brid and Sanna

    Brid and Sanna on 23 Mar 2018



  • Ideal Electrical Suppliers

    Ideal Electrical Suppliers on 21 Mar 2018


    Good luck from the Ideal Team. Wishing you all well in your journey.


    • Run For Mission

      Thank you SO much for your support Ideal Electrical. Truly awesome!!

  • Helen Mitchell

    Helen Mitchell on 16 Mar 2018


    All the best for your travels.


    • Run For Mission

      Thank you for your kind donation Helen.

  • Shane Barratt

    Shane Barratt on 19 Feb 2018


    For a good cause, i will put the chilly bin (esky) to good use


    • Run For Mission

      Thanks so much Shane and to the Landpower team!

  • Tim Ducros

    Tim Ducros on 19 Feb 2018



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$5,632 donated

Given by 44 generous donors in around 8 months

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