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Support Project EBC trekking to Everest Base Camp and rebuild house for a Nepal Family - Updates - Givealittle

  • Fergus's 3000km Te Araroa challenge      20 October 2017
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    2 weeks after Mt Cook marathon, Fergus has emarked his Te Araroa adventure.

    While others at his age are partying hard out, Fergus wants to adventuring hard out, challenging himself physically and mentally. Especially with life challenges early in life, he felt these adventures make him stronger in his body, and his mind.

    Don't ask for a lighter load, ask for a stronger shoulder. At #ProjectEBC, we don't like it easy~

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  • Mt Cook Marathon - Complete to Compete     20 October 2017
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    We've done it! we've done it without knowing it's a very tough course, the cambers, the uphills, the winds, the pain... running at awe with the magnificent view of Mt Cook along very experienced runners....

    The only impossibility is in your mind.

    We are a little closer to Everest and building the house for the Nepal family, because of all your support! Thank you.

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