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The Titirangi Protection Group is co-coordinating community efforts to oppose the development of a huge water treatment plant.

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The proposed water treatment plant and two massive reservoirs (9m high, 60m diameter) will require the clearance of thousands of trees and levelling of 4 hectares of protected land, a total area that is larger than LynnMall shopping centre. This includes the felling of healthy kauri while putting other kauri at risk at a time when they are considered in danger of extinction due to kauri dieback disease. This project would build to within four metres of some local homes and put untold strain on roading and other infrastructure in the surrounding communities.

Are we ready to accept this? No way!

In October 2017 the TPG took Watercare and Auckland Council to the Environment Court to challenge their right to build on this protected land. The Environment Court ruled against the environment and we are appealing the decision in the High Court. That decision accepted that the designation of the 57hectare site allows Watercare and Auckland Council to build laboratories, reservoirs, chemical storage, dams, carparks, roads, plant and machinery, storage depots, sludge dumps, sediment ponds, filtration ponds and offices anywhere on the site. Watercare, the Council and the Judge all claim that any plain, ordinary and reasonable person would be 100% aware of that. We are yet to meet a homeowner, conveyancing lawyer or real estate agent who had even considered it a possibility.

The TPG feel that this issue has wider implications for the environment and local communities, not just in west Auckland, but across New Zealand.

If Watercare is given permission to do this in Titirangi, we believe the floodgates will open for many more developments in the future.

Your donation will help fund the TPG High Court Action.

We are reliant on our neighbours, local businesses and other concerned citizens to come forward and help us make this stand and to allow important work to be done over the coming months as we work towards a High Court hearing. This is scheduled for May 2018.

Help make a stand for something precious to all New Zealanders – our environment!

The TPG is fighting for our local bush living community, but we are also fighting a much larger battle – and you can help us! Together, we can create a positive outcome that will reach beyond our lifetimes, and create a legacy for our community, for our children, for future generations.

Use of Funds:

Funds raised will be used to create material to inform the public about the scale and social/natural impacts of the development and to obtain professional support and advice to help oppose Watercare plans. This includes newsletters, signs, posters, advertising, website hosting, legal and other specialist advice.

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Founding member of the Titirangi Protection Group

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Titirangi Protection Group.

“Considering that we have so many residents concerned about the negative impact that Watercare will have on our local environment,I was surprised to see that only 30 people have donated so far. As we are on a budget, I am only able to donate a small amount. Although it may not seem like much, that amount will make a huge difference if let's say 100 of us donate a little. Please do not underestimate what each and everyone can offer however little it may seem because together we can achieve so much more!”
“The Waitakeres are a treasure”
“Go well with challenging this decision.”
“As a community we can pull together on this, for our generation, our children's generation - Watercare needs to be accountable.”
“We believe that the protection of native bush is critical for our country's future, and are happy to support this cause.”
“Infrastructure planning NEEDS to be future focused. This plan, like many around Auckland, is not. It is a terrible precedent for the future of protected land (SEAs) if this is allowed to go ahead without a fight. Good luck!”
“Let's fight the good fight.....”
“In for the long haul”
“May Watercare never succeed to build the Watertreatment Plant in Waima!”
  • $14,547.00 donated
  • 142 generous donors

$14,547 donated


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