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Purchase of museum building at 8 Hardy Street

  • Just little over $80,000 raised in all to date.

      3 February 2022

    Givealittle and direct donations have raised over $80,000 to date. Just $100,000 to go.

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  • $25,000 until we hit 33%

      30 October 2021

    Plan A. is to raise 33% of the total required to purchase and repair. In total with Givealittle and other donations, we have raised a little over $60,000. With another $25,000 by December we will be able to apply to Lottery NZ for the other 2/3rds.

    This funding is not guaranteed but is our plan A. Our plan B is to continue fundraising.

    If you are able to help us get closer to this goal, donate here at Givealittle or talk with our treasurer Peg.

    Thanks to all who have been able to donate thus far (big and small, it all adds up)

    Tim Baker Chairman

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  • Huge progress made!

      27 September 2021

    Donations received prior to give a little total nearly $60,000. In January we are applying to LOTTO for 2/3rds of the money required to purchase and enhance. We will need to have raised 1/3rd of $255,000 which is approximately $85,000.

    This leaves a balance of about $22,000 to raise through Givealittle.

    Lotto grants are not guaranteed so we are leaving the full amount required as our goal. Thanks you so much to those who have been able to donate. MUCH appreciated.

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